Understanding 1 & 2 Chronicles - The House of God and its Service

John Heading, Aberystwyth

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There are not many studies on the books of Chronicles to be found. In the preface the author remarks on the fact that such are unusual. The present study is the result of three years Bible Readings in the local assembly. The method therefore adopted is a continual run of comments on the text and narratives. This means that the matter is dealt with in an exhaust­ive way. The book commends itself more as a handbook for reference than for general reading.

The main objective of our brother is to trace the development of truth relating to the House of God in the histories recorded. This objective is never lost sight of. The priestly background to the histories is made abundantly clear. It is good to note that wherever possible such truth is related to New Testament teaching and practice. This gives the book an up-to-date practical value.

The chapter divisions of the book are helpful and will assist the student in noting the ideas in each chapter. They mark not only the historical movements of the nation but also some of the spiritual developments. The highlights of revival are noted but also timely warnings of those evidences of apostasy and departure. Many points made have great relevance for assembly life today.

We can recommend this comprehensive study to all who wish to study the Chronicles more deeply.  A.T.S.

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Understanding 1 & 2 Chronicles - The House of God and its Service

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Understanding 1 & 2 Chronicles - The House of God and its Service

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