And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord

UBC World for Today, Daily Reading

Isa. 54. 13.
In the early 1800s, the Swiss educator, Johann Pestalozzi wrote, ‘The best way for a child to learn about God is to know a real Christian. The best way for them to discover the power of prayer is to live with parents who pray and truly walk with God.’ He got this right! Eighty-five percent of all children raised this way develop a strong personal faith - before they’re thirteen years of age.

As a responsible parent I hear you say, ‘Am I responsible for my child’s spiritual choices?’ Ultimately no, but potentially, yes! If you want to take the spiritual temperature of any family, stick a thermometer in the mouth of the parents.

But my children are already grown up. Isn’t it too late you ask? No, by no means, for God’s name is ‘Redeemer’ - He can give you another chance. Repent; commit your life to Christ and live for Him again. That’s how generational cycles of failure are broken and God is brought back into the picture.

Again I hear you say, ‘I’m afraid to bring a child into this evil world’. Yet this is the whole point; it’s children of the light who push back the darkness. Instead of reacting out of fear or convenience, use your family to impact the world’. Every study confirms that a parent has by far the greatest influence - greater than friends, school, or the media, in determining the character and direction of a child.

Parent; invest every shred of your energy into seeing that your children cross the finish line for God. You have no higher calling than that.

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