The Lord's Titles

John Heading, Aberystwyth

Category: Devotional

The names associated with the Lord during His sufferings must be noted.

(i) The questions asked:
“Art thou the Christ?” (the chief priests), Luke 22. 67.
“Art thou then the Son of God?” (all His accusers), v. 70
“Art thou the King of the Jews?” (Pilate), 23. 3.

(ii) The same names with an “if”:
“If he be Christ” (rulers), 23. 35, (one malefactor), v. 39.
“If thou be the Son of God” (passers by). Matt. 27. 40
“If thou be the king of the Jews” (soldiers). Luke 23. 37
Contrast this with the other malefactor, who said, “Lord”, v. 42.

(iii) True profession:
“The Christ of God” (Peter), 9. 20.
“The Son of God” (apostles). Matt. 14. 33.
“The King of Israel” (Nathanael), John 1.49.
God too made similar testimony:
“Mine anointed (lit. my Christ)”, Psa.132. 17.
“Thou art my Son”. Psa. 2. 7; Luke 3. 22; 9. 35.
“My king”, Psa. 2. 6.

Extract from “Luke’s Life of Christ”, J.H.

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