That Wondrous Name

David Craig

Category: Book Review

£1.85; 135 pages.

The book represents the sweetest pos­sible meditation on the names of the Lord, completed by the author during periods of increasing weakness before he passed into the presence of the Lord. Treated in detail are, "Jehovah; the Anointed Prophet, Priest and King; the Lord; the Mediator; the Shepherd; the Lamb; the Root and Offspring of David, the Bright and the Morning Star". Every chapter is full of holy and precious thoughts, truly manifesting the author's soul deeply in contact with his Lord. It is sad that the subsequent quality of production by editor, publisher, printer and artist did not match up to the spiritual standards set by the author.

(1) Come and Dine; Old Testament Vol. 2, by R. E. and G. I. Harlow. $4 ■ 95 or £2-40 (plus 10% postage). 272 pages. (2) Global Strategy: The Biblical Plan of Mission, by various authors. $2 or £1 (plus 10% postage). 108 pages. From Everyday Publications, Toronto, Canada, or Roy Wood, 94 Alma Road, Plymouth, U.K.

Book (1) represents the final book of the trio that encourage the systematic reading of the whole Bible in three years. Comments and thoughts are provided on each passage, all the books from Kings to Malachi being treated when possible in historical order.

Book (2) is a symposium dealing with missionary principles, written by the Lord's servants with experience and interest in the mission field. For those exercised to go forth, for those already in the field, for those who assist in the home countries, this refreshing book will be helpful and stimulating.  J.H.