This verse is taken from:
Psalm 94
Thought of the day for:
24 January 2023

Our psalmist is perplexed by the triumph of the wicked. He sees them prospering in their pride and in the oppression of the people of the land. It has been so throughout history, especially Christian history. Only those who have felt the consternation that it brings can fully sympathize with the suffering saints.

“How long?” is the question wrung out of the sufferers, vv. 3-4. So it will be in a future day, Rev. 6. 10. They are persuaded that the Judge of all the earth will do right, Psa. 94. 2; Gen. 18. 25.

The wicked act as if the Lord ignores the oppression, and as if He were deaf to the cries of His people, v. 7. But surely He that planted the ear hears, and He that formed the eye sees?, vv. 9-10.

Even an unjust judge eventually must respond to the importunate pleading of the sorely tried. Shall not God avenge His own elect, though He postpone His wrath? “I tell you that He will avenge them”, says the Lord, Luke 18. 1-8. “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord”, Rom. 12. 19. This springs from judgment which is holy and right, without vindictiveness, Rev. 16. 7; 19. 2.

God is called upon to show Himself, to render a recompense to the enemy, so that He can be justified in all His ways, and to plead His own cause, Psa. 94. 1-2.

When He shall do so, the saints in glory will acquiesce in shouts of “Hallelujah”, for He will come and not keep silence for ever, Rev. 19. 6; Psa. 104. 35; 50. 3. Even grace on the lips of the King Eternal will not cancel the instruments of His sore judgments, Psa. 45. 2-5. It will be found that God has never had any fellowship with the evil, Psa. 94. 20.

At present, we are in the “patience of Jesus”, Rev. 1. 9; unless this is kept before the soul, the foot may slip, Psa. 94. 18, and the heart become vindictive, being overcome by the prevailing evil, Rom. 12. 19, 21. The Lord is our Example, “Father, forgive them”, Luke 23. 34; 1 Pet. 2. 21-23, while Stephen the first martyr showed the same grace, Acts 7. 60. “Love your enemies … that ye may be the children of your Father”, Matt. 5. 44-45.