This verse is taken from:
Mark 6. 1-6
Thought of the day for:
24 June 2022

When Mary was first told about the birth of the Lord Jesus, she would have been astounded to realise that she was chosen to be the mother of Messiah. Little did she know that her name would be linked forever with that lovely person who came down out of heaven!

As the reality of what was happening dawned on her she would, no doubt, ponder the multiplicity of names that were used to describe this child; Son of God, Christ, Jesus, Emmanuel, King of the Jews, Governor, Son of the Highest, Son of David, Lord, Horn of Salvation, Dayspring from on high, Saviour, Consolation of Israel. All descriptive of His character, His lofty status, the work He would do and many other facets of His person. Mary was a deep thinker and she pondered the things she saw and heard, Luke 2.19.

One name above all others must have constantly caused her to stop and marvel - Son of Mary. The wonder of it! He was her firstborn, but He was the Son of God. She had carried Him in her womb, but He had come to earth from an eternal past. He had fed on her milk, but He was the creator of the universe and the One who upholds all things. She had guarded and protected Him, but He was the ‘Almighty God’. Mary alone knew the fears she had, as a mother, for His safety. All mothers worry in that caring way. Their offspring are precious and they need protection. How did Mary feel? She had in her care the Son of the Living God. What attention she must have given to Him. We glimpse the fear in her heart when she and Joseph lost the child Jesus on leaving Jerusalem when He was twelve years old. ‘Thy father and I’, she said, ‘have sought thee sorrowing’, Luke 2. 48. Her worst fears had almost been realised.

Could it be that the people in Mark chapter 6 thought of Him as Son of Mary because Joseph had died and Jesus was now the carpenter?

My Saviour attracts all the titles detailed above and far more but He became a man and, in addition to all the glorious titles of His person, He will also be remembered as Son of Mary. If He had not been Son of Mary, He would not be my Saviour.