This verse is taken from:
Mark 5. 1-20
Thought of the day for:
23 June 2022

It is essential that every believer understands something of the character of our God. There are many titles that are used to describe divine persons. When we use the name Jehovah we are reminded of two attributes of God. First, He is the God who never breaks His word or the covenants with His people. Second, He is the same yesterday, today and for ever. When we use the name ‘Lord’ in the New Testament, we think of the One who is supreme in His authority. He is our Lord.

It is interesting to note that the title ‘Most High God’ is used on a number of occasions by, or to, those who do not have a personal knowledge of God, yet acknowledge His supreme authority, Dan. 3. 26; 5.18, 21, or even by unclean spirits.

One exception to this is Melchizedec in Genesis 14 and Hebrews 7. However, his understanding of God would be limited, as God was still revealing His character to those who trust Him.

In our passage the Lord has just crossed the lake of Galilee and calmed the storm in the boat and in the disciple’s hearts. When leaving the boat, in the region of Gadara, the first person He meets is the man with the unclean spirit. This man is living among the tombs and in the mountains. He cannot be controlled. He cannot even be restrained enough to prevent him from self-harming. His restlessness is relentless; night and day he is beside himself with tears and pain. How like the agony of the unsaved soul with no answer in themselves to the issues and problems of life.

But then Jesus comes. Immediately the unclean spirit recognises Him. ‘What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of the most high God’, he exclaims. As always, the unclean spirit knows who the Lord Jesus is and fears the judgement that is certain to come. Remember, the Devil and his fallen angels know that they are reserved for judgement. It is only a matter of time.

The Lord Jesus, Son of the Most High God, commands the unclean spirit to come out of the man.

Only Christ can break the power of Satan and free the sinner from the bondage that sin brings. The Son of the Most High God is still in the business of liberating souls.