Daily Thought for: 30th November


Acts 15. 1-41

If unscriptural teaching hadn’t reached the church at Antioch one wonders, humanly speaking, how Silas would have become involved as Paul’s companion in the work of the Lord. Yet having come in such a way onto the public scene we find out what a godly man Silas was. 

In verse 22 he is described as one of the ‘chief men among the brethren’. When we remember the galaxy of apostles resident in Jerusalem, that he should be so designated speaks volumes regarding his godly life, having only been saved for a relatively short period of time. Today, men who know God reproduce Him in their lives, both in the assembly and in the world. 

In verse 25 he is described as one of the ‘chosen men’ entrusted with a message from the church at Jerusalem to the church at Antioch. This means he could be fully trusted, and be relied upon, even with an apparently menial job as this. This confirms the character of the man; whatever the responsibility, he could be counted on to fulfil it. We need men like this so that stability can be built into the work of the Lord by men of character. 

In verse 26 he is spoken of as one of the ‘men that have hazarded their lives for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ’. He didn’t just talk of his faith, but put his life on the line for God. Not seeking the easy option he was prepared to be a witness/martyr in the full sense. Such men are always needed; men who will speak up and ‘earnestly contend for the faith once delivered’, Jude 3. 

Verse 32 portrays him as a prophet, ready to exhort and confirm the believers. He was a man who had a word from the Lord and could encourage and build up followers of the Lord so that they would go on and mature in their faith. How we need such men today - not just sermon preachers, but men of God who can follow a Silas example in their preaching. 

Finally, verse 40 speaks of him as being ‘recommended’. If a work elsewhere was to be done, then the church at Antioch was prepared to recommend their best servants. Men like this today can be recommended unreservedly, having proved their credentials for God in their local sphere. 


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