Daily Thought for: 14th August


Jeremiah 36. 1-8; 38. 7-16

The days were difficult for Jeremiah but God gave to His servant a faithful friend, one whom he could rely upon. Commanded by God to commit in writing all the addresses he had previously delivered, that Judah might, if it were possible, still regard the warnings of judgment and return, he got his friend Baruch to write down in a book all the words of the Lord. He was then to go to the temple and read the words of the Lord in the ears of the people. It was not possible for Jeremiah to go, seeing he was shut up from going to the temple. Paul reminded the Corinthians, ‘It is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful’, 1 Cor. 4. 2, and Baruch was just such a man. He was loyal to Jeremiah and faithful in carrying out his commands. He went to the temple and read the book to the people, and after, at their request, he read all the words of the book to the princes, leaving a powerful impression upon them. 

One of the sad features of Jeremiah’s ministry was that his motives were entirely misunderstood by those who heard him. His message of ‘surrender or die’ was unpalatable and resulted in the princes casting him into a dungeon. Letting him down by ropes, indicating it was very deep, they left Jeremiah to sink into the mire, for it was their intention he should die. But God will not forsake his faithful servant. An Ethiopian eunuch came to the rescue of Jeremiah. God is no respecter of persons; He will use whom He will for the deliverance of His servant. Pleading with the king, Ebed-melech got permission for thirty men to go with him to rescue the prophet and bring him up out of the dungeon. 

Did Jeremiah feel forgotten when he was left in the dark dungeon to die? God is faithful and at the right moment he makes a way of escape for the prophet. How grateful Jeremiah must have been to the Ethiopian eunuch who cared enough to do all he could to rescue him. We all need friends, especially those who will remain loyal in difficult times like Baruch, and care about us in days of dark trial like Ebed-melech. It was the wise man, Solomon, who declared, ‘A friend loveth at all times’, Prov. 17. 17. 


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