Daily Thought for: 12th October


2 Timothy 4. 6-8

How many of us have been in the situation where we feel we have put in all the work, done everything that we could have done as required and yet at the end of the day we have been denied what we felt we were due? Most of us at some time or another I expect. Why does life seem so unfair sometimes? There can’t have been one annual school awards ceremony when people didn’t say, ‘Well fancy so and so getting that. I couldn’t believe it when their name was given out!’

Time and again there are disputes over the justice of sentences handed down by our courts of law. There is a constant round of judicial reviews for all manner of decisions that have been made and yet others question the accuracy or rightness of them and it all has to be gone over once more. At the end of the day, we are still at a loss to know if the right thing has been done even then. This is the human perplexity; so many contrary opinions and angles to take into account. Voice after voice is raised, point after point considered and still we end up with the best we can do and no more. Even in sport the referee’s decision is often incorrect and we have to refer to electronically provided means for a more accurate and defendable base on which to come to a decision.

How refreshing to read of ‘the Lord, the righteous judge’ in our verses today. Paul had no doubts about the One who would finally adjudicate on his service in this world. He knew what the terms for service were and what awards to expect. He was totally confident that the ‘crown of righteousness’ was already set aside and awaiting the day of presentation. No questions will be posed either by the Judge or the recipient; all will be as it should be, there will be no dissension.

We must ask why this is so? The answer lies in the infallibility of the One who assesses and gives the rewards. One rendering puts it, ‘the Lord . .. the just Umpire [the umpire who is always fair and never makes a mistake]’, Wuest, New Testament. In this we have it all - ‘and never makes a mistake’. Rest in this today that whatever judgements men may make of you or your service for Christ, His is the only final and just one.


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