Daily Thought for: 11th February


Psalm 7. 1-17

David has been falsely accused. He is sure of his innocence of the charges. Verses 3 and 4 suggest that he may have been accused of bribery and treachery at least. But he had always acted with integrity and generosity even towards his enemies; for example, when he spared Saul’s life. He never forgave Joab for the ruthless disregard of his desire to spare Absalom.

His enemies, on the other hand, are very different. They have the ferocity of a lion. Verses 14-16 show how they devise underhand and devious traps for David.

How can David be so sure that his enemies will fall in the pit they have dug for him? Or that their violent plans will rebound on their own heads? The answer must be sought first in David’s simple but solid confidence in his own innocence. More importantly, however, he has confidence that his case, which he has placed in the hands of God, is going to be righteously judged.

His place of safety is in God, ‘in thee do I take refuge’, v. 1, RV margin. God has commanded (or, perhaps, ‘appointed’) a judgement. God is a righteous judge, v. 11, RV. God will be active in punishing the unrighteous, vv. 11-13.

At various points David found himself facing powerful enemies. As a young man he faced the lion and the bear, but he was faithful to his flock and the Lord delivered him. When Goliath defied the armies of the living God, God delivered David from that fierce foe. Saul was mightier than David when he pursued him, but the Lord delivered him. Absalom was clever and treacherous, but the Lord delivered David. David speaks of his own righteousness, v. 8; in verse 17 he speaks of the Lord’s righteousness. This is a strong basis for confidence, for the One in whom he trusts is ‘the Lord most high’.

In Genesis chapter 14 Abraham was returning from a successful battle, weary and vulnerable. He was met by the priest of the Most High God, Melchizedek, who gave him the strength he needed. He was about to meet a scheming enemy, the king of Sodom, and he needed the supreme might of’the most high God’. So we, in time of weakness, can find grace to help, Heb. 4. 16.


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