Daily Thought for: 22nd March


Isaiah 8. 14-15

The birth of the second son of Isaiah, Maher-shalal-hash-baz, Isa. 8. 3, meaning ‘plunder speeds, booty hastens’, foretells the coming defeat of the northern kingdom of Israel at the hands of Assyria, and ultimately that of Judah, at the hands of Babylon. Any alliance entered into with worldly powers will fail to preserve them. The rising waters, strong and many, will overwhelm them. What a prospect faced the godly remnant living through these traumatic events. How would they suffer? To whom shall they turn?

In an increasingly godless world, the same fears and anxieties at times grip the hearts of those who love the Lord Jesus. The flood of evil is rising and there seems to be no means to counteract its effects.

These verses look forward to a coming day when Israel will again suffer the attack of the enemy. The mention of Immanuel and of ‘God is with us’ reminds the godly that the Lord will not desert them in the day of adversity. To those who sanctify Him in their hearts He will be the sanctuary and they need have no fear.

In the temple, the sanctuary was the dwelling place of Jehovah, but on that day the sanctuary will be Him. Just as the holiest of all was surrounded by the temple walls and set apart from all that took place around it, so the Lord will surround those who love and serve Him, keeping them in perfect safety. The blessing and peace of His presence will be enjoyed, no matter the sadness and sorrow of that which surrounds.

Let us, therefore, lift up our hearts with thankfulness to the Lord. Just as the faithful of Israel in a coming day will enjoy His protecting presence, so can we. In a day when many despair, our spirits can be lifted above the restless seas of human activity and the surrounding flood of sin, to bless Him that there is around us a wall of safety within which we can enjoy Him.

‘Kept by the power of God;
It tells us we’re secure,
That glory shall at length be ours,
And life for evermore’. [Albert Midlane ]


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