Faith Matters - gospel pamphlet

Faith Matters MastheadIssue 8 (FM8) is currently available and contains a range of articles from Jonathan Black, Dr P Mullan, D Mowat, Fraser Munro and Jeremy Singer. The pamphlet is backed up by its own website

You may order in 100 copy lots and for 800 copies and over you may have your own details printed on page 12 to advertise your special or regular gospel meetings. An overprint may consist of up to 50 words and costs an additional £50.00 per order.

The Faith matters issue currently in print is now obtainable using a credit/debit card at Choose the category 'Evangelistic' in the 'Book Search' box. Alternatively you can complete the Books Order Form (see under Evangelical Resources heading) in the latest magazine and send via the post to the address thereon.

Faith Matters a gospel pamphlet

The pamphlet is backed up by its own website which can deal with queries and pass them on as appropriate for local response and action

Select an image below to download the latest and previous issues of Faith Matters:

  1. Faith Matters Issue 1 2018


    Issue 8

  1. Faith Matters Issue 1 2016


    Issue 7

  1. Faith Matters - Issue 6


    Issue 6

  1. Faith Matters - Issue 5


    Issue 5

  1. Faith Matter - 2014 - Issue 1


    Issue 4

  1. Faith Matters - Issue 3


    Issue 3

  1. Faith Matters Issue 2 2012


    Issue 2

  1. Faith Matters Issue 1 2011


    Issue 1