OT Overview - Volume 3

Settling in the Land

John Scarsbrook & John Bennett

Precious Seed


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Volume 3 of the popular Old Testament Overview series.

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Sections within this book may be well-known, with certain characters and certain events having featured in lessons from Sunday school.

However, familiarity can often mean that we miss much of importance within that material. Equally, it is possible to be familiar with some of the theological points and miss what is practical. Covering chapters featuring well known biblical characters, such as Joshua, Rahab, Gideon, Samson, Ruth, Samuel, Jonathan, and David, the reader will fi nd much that is familiar, but also fresh. It is hoped that they will also fi nd some practical issues considered from those chapters that seem to be just a long list of names in 1 Chronicles! If nothing else, this volume deals with events which demonstrate the long-suff ering of God, His gracious provision in times of distress, His sovereignty, and His schooling of His servants.

AuthorJohn Scarsbrook & John Bennett
PublisherPrecious Seed
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