Day by Day Christ Foreshadowed

Ivan Steeds, Bristol

Category: Book Review

Precious Seed

By various authors, edited by Ivan Steeds. Published by Precious Seed Publications, Neath. Paperback, with 384 pages and a four-colour cover. ISBN 1 871642 16 7. Available from Precious Seed, John Ritchie Ltd., and Gospel Folio Press. £7.95 until 31st December 2002, thereafter £8.95.

Our latest production in the Day by Day series of books will be welcomed by all who have enjoyed, and benefited from, previous publications. A daily reading from Scripture heads each page, followed by an outline of the truth contained within that portion. The laudable intention behind this venture is that readers will be encouraged, on a daily basis, to make a careful study of Scripture, and thereby be strengthened in their faith. A number of wellknown speakers have contributed to this book, and the excellence of their oral ministry is matched by what they have written here. The theme adopted for this book is uplifting for in assembling many of the Old Testament references to Christ (prophecy, types and ‘shadows’) and linking them with their glorious fulfilment in the New Testament, the minds of readers are wonderfully engaged with Christ throughout the year.