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A Quick Guide

We have a number of our titles which are available as eBooks in both epub and mobi formats. This gives the ability to take your books with you wherever you go and read them on either a dedicated device or, with an app, on your smartphone. The device you have will determine which format you require – please refer to your product User Manual if you are not sure. We hope to add to the number of titles in these formats and they will be added when available. To view our epub titles click here; for mobi titles click here.

Loading your eBook onto your device

Go to ‘My Account’ and login to your account. Select ‘DOWNLOADS’. You will see a list of available downloads as follows:

Download Screen Shot

Click on the zip file in the download column of the book you wish to download and save this to your hard drive.

We recommend that you retain the downloaded file on a PC where it can be stored and backed up for security purposes. You may find it useful to use software such as Calibre – eBook Management which is available as a free download from the internet to enable you to keep your eBooks in one place. Although there are no limits to the number of times you can download a book we cannot guarantee that these will always be available.

Once the file has been downloaded you have at least two options:

  1. Copy the file across to your reading device via USB cable whether this be a proprietary reader or a device such as a smartphone. You should consult your device’s manual for instructions as to which folder the file should be placed in.
  2. In the case of Kindle devices you have the additional option to send the file as a personal document to your Amazon account via email. You will need to check your Amazon account settings for the unique Kindle email address allocated to you and at the same time you will need to authorise the email address used to send the file. For further information please refer to the Amazon Help page ‘Support for Kindle Content’.

Using the ‘send to Kindle’ function has the following advantages:

  • A copy of the eBook is effectively backed up for you.
  • You can view the eBook on any device which is linked to the Amazon account. Reading progress is then synchronised between the devices and you can start reading on another device and pick up from where you left off reading.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions which apply to the purchase of eBooks.


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