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As each issue of the magazine is published, they are made available to read online. Precious Seed commenced publishing the magazine back in 1945 and many of the issues have also been uploaded, and work continues in making the missing issues available in the same way.

The website allows the searching of articles by author, category, issue, tag or title. To do this, click on ‘Search’ in the horizontal menu which appears at the top of each screen.

In addition, users can search for words and phrases by utilizing the search box – PreciousSeedsearch – which can be found at the top of each screen, just under the horizontal menu.

If individual words are used then the search engine will search for all articles which contain one or more of those words irrespective of the order in which they appear.

If a search for an exact phrase is required then the phrase should be enclosed in inverted commas, e.g. “lamb of God”. In this case only those articles which contain the exact phrase “lamb of God” will be displayed.

Whilst searching it is possible to exclude a word from the results. To do this insert a hyphen before the word to be excluded. For example, if a search is required for articles which include the name Joseph but not Mary, then the following would be entered: Joseph -Mary

Advanced Search

It is possible to utilize the power of Google to enhance searches. To do this Google needs to be opened in a web browser and the following entered: followed by the search terms.


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