Faith Matters

Faith Matters – gospel pamphlet

The eleventh edition of Faith Matters has been published and is available to order. It comprises 12 pages with five articles from different authors and can be ordered from the shop at the cost of £17 for a bundle of 100.

Faith Matters is a Gospel publication suitable for personal evangelization. There is space at the back for contact details to be inserted. In addition, the reader is directed to the Faith Matters website at where previous editions are available to download.

This edition contains articles by Stephen Baker, Tom Merriman, Andrew Greave, Fraser Munro and Peter Francis covering a range of contemporary issues.


The Faith matters issue currently in print is now obtainable using a credit/debit card at Choose the category ‘Evangelistic’ from the Category.

The pamphlet is backed up by its own website which can deal with queries and pass them on as appropriate for local response and action

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