More than eight years have passed since Precious Seed first appeared, and looking back we thank God and take courage. Our experience has confirmed us in the convictions which then led to the publication of the first number of the magazine. To launch a new magazine during the difficult closing days of the Second World War was no small undertaking, and it was only under a deep sense of urgency and responsibility that we ventured to do so. Few of our new readers can know anything of the considerations which then induced us to take this step. The following, therefore, will be of interest to them, and, we trust, not without interest to all our readers.

For some time before the war there had been, in many quarters, a growing concern at the neglect of New Testa-ment Church principles, and the lack of interest in the Lord’s work carried on in fellowship with the assemblies of God’s people. The war and its inevitable aftermath only served the more to intensify and emphasize this down-grade trend of things. During the close of the year 1945, several meetings were held at Taunton, Somerset, for the prayerful consideration of this important matter, and a number of brethren from various parts of England reached the unanimous conclusion that the situation called for wider systematic instruction in Scriptural principles of gathering, and the encouragement of greater interest in the work carried on in connexion with such gatherings. It was the considered opinion of these brethren that the need could best be met by publishing an attractive maga-zine containing sound exposition of New Testament principles of worship and service, together with reliable information of evangelistic work carried on in connexion with the assemblies of the Lord’s people. These brethren did not overlook the fact that there were already a number of good and useful magazines in circulation among the assemblies. They felt, notwithstanding, that there was a need for greater emphasis on New Testament Church teaching, and a need for more information about the work of the assemblies and the labours of Cod’s servants in the gospel.In view of this, and all the circumstances of the case, they were satisfied that a magazine with these special objects in view was amply justified. Precious Seed, there-fore, was born out of the deep conviction that the great need of the moment was a reaffirmation of the vital importance of New Testament Church principles in assembly life and service.

How far we have realized our original purpose, we must leave our readers to judge. If an ever-growing circulation and an ever-increasing (low of letters of appreciation are any criterion of merit, then we have certainly produced a magazine that is making a useful contribution to the spiritual well-being and well-doing of the assemblies of the Lord’s people.

We enter this another year with a deepening sense of responsibility, and urge all our readers to join with us in praying that the blessing of God may continue to rest on the pages of Precious Seed. For editor, writers, and readers, this is our time of opportunity, and the quickly-passing years are a constant reminder of its extreme brevity.Time marches on?No, time flies!

Day succeeds day, year follows year;

They just begin, then disappear;

The seasons in their onward (low

Quickly come, and just as quickly go;

Winter’s snow, and summer’s green,

There scarcely seems a space between.

How are we spending our time of opportunity? For, like our money, our time is spent; and, like money, it can be spent wisely or foolishly. Another precious year of opportunity is before us. May we spend it wisely. May we humbly, prayerfully, make it a glorious opportunity for enriching the Church of God.


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