A Chaste Virgin

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Isaac is presented in Scripture as a type of the nation of Israel, Gen. 15. 4, 5, as a type of the Christian, Gal. 4. 21-31, and as a type of the Lord Jesus, 3. 16. He is a type of Christ in that much was said about him before his birth; even his name was given, Gen. 17. 19; Matt. 1. 21. His father gave all things to him, Gen. 24. 36; John 3. 35. He came away from the place of sacrifice, where he had been offered up and raised again in figure, Heb. 11. 17-19, to enter his father’s house. There he remained while his father’s servant (type of the Holy Spirit) went out to call and secure a bride (type of the Church) for him, Gen. 24. 3, 4; 1 Pet. 1. 12; Rev. 21. 2, 9.

The margin of the Authorised Version indicates that Rebekah’s brother and mother asked that she stay with them “a full year, or ten months”, Gen. 24. 55. (The Hebrew word “days” often signifies a year in the 0. T., as in Lev. 25. 29; 1 Sam. 27. 7 Amos 4. 4.) It seems that Rebekah’s relatives wanted her to remain for at least ten months. This would have proved her purity and virginity to the servant; although he required no such proof, Gen. 24. 56. Paul wrote, “I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste (pure) virgin to Christ”, 2 Cor. 11. 2. As assemblies of the Lord’s people, we must keep ourselves pure; we must remain faithful to the Lord and His Word.


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