A Christian Worldview

A worldview can be defined as ‘a fundamental orientation of the heart concerning what is reality’. Your worldview will determine how you answer the big questions in life. These are questions like the existence of God, the nature of the universe, what happens after death, and the basis for knowledge and ethics.

Most readers of Precious Seed approach life from a Christian worldview. We understand that a personal God has revealed Himself through the Bible. We know that the universe was created for God’s pleasure. We know that the dead in Christ rise to life eternal, and the lost shall spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. Yes, we know the answers to the big questions in life. But can we explain those answers to people around us? Can we make a convincing case for a Christian understanding of reality? Can we make a compelling case to those who accept the authority and accuracy of the Bible, and to those who do not?

It is possible that someone might ask us how to be saved. Paul had this experience in Acts 16 verse 30 but even in the life of an apostle this was a rare event. More commonly people will ask us what we believe. This was my experience while studying for an examination at university. A fellow student I had known for several years walked up to me and asked me what I believed. I ended up failing my examination but I hope some day she will pass the examination of Matthew 22 verse 42! Do you know what you believe and why you believe it? Can you explain it to others in a reasonable manner? Ultimately this means being able to share the gospel clearly. In some cases, people are looking for an excuse to reject the life-changing message of salvation. In other cases people have honest objections. In both cases we must be prepared to work through their objections.

Yes, people will sometimes ask us what we believe. Even more commonly people will tell us what they believe. They will tell us about their belief system or why they don’t believe in the existence of God or ask how God could permit suffering. We need to be able to respond respectfully and effectively to these situations. The right response can turn a confrontation into an opportunity to share the gospel. Any of these situations could occur on any given day and we need to be prepared to respond to them.

Sometimes the task of sharing our faith can be daunting. But we are not alone. The Holy Spirit is helping us, John 14. 17. The Spirit of Truth wants the truth spread because ultimately the Lord Jesus Christ is the Truth, John 14. 6. When we seek to overcome objections, answer the big questions of life and share the gospel with the lost, we are dealing with matters of truth. The Lord has seen to it that we are never alone when we deal with matters of truth.

It should also be a comfort to know that the most important questions people can raise have already been raised by others. Furthermore, they have already been answered by some of the best minds in Christianity. All of the big questions have standard answers that are reasonable and well thought out. If we spend time understanding these objections and answers we will be prepared for battle, whenever and wherever it occurs.

As Christians we have an understanding of reality that is reasonable and well thought out. We can benefit from the work of born-again scholars who have thought through the big issues of life. We can train our minds to be able to respond to those who have objections. Ours is a message worth sharing and it is worth sharing effectively. God has done His part by giving us the Bible, the Holy Spirit and a world that speaks of the Creator. So what steps will you take to ensure you can share your faith more effectively?


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