A Letter With a Lesson

A well-known evangelist held a gospel mission in a small town in England a few months ago. Shortly afterwards he received a letter from someone who had attended the services. The tragedy revealed in this letter, prompted him to suggest that we might publish extracts from it so that others might be warned against making the same “great mistake.” We do not mention names of persons or places because we do not wish to cause any embarrassment.

After describing herself as “indeed a ‘Prodigal’ who has gone into the world and found no pleasure,” the writer continues - “I was converted when very young, baptized and received into fellowship, … was a Sunday School teacher for many years, then made the great mistake of marrying an unbeliever. I have had a far-from-happy life and where my husband goes I have to go with him although I know it is wrong, but to keep peace I have just drifted along and I am too ashamed even to ask God’s forgiveness. I was brought up in a godly home, my dear old grandfather was a preacher whom you most likely would have known, but I prefer to remain to you simply a very unhappy “backslider” who is weighed down by sin and bad habits. Please pray for us as a family that we may be brought to know the joy of forgiveness of sins.”

It may be that by the time this appears in print, the anonymous writer will have had restored to her the joy of God’s salvation, and indeed we trust that this will be her experience, for we are assured that her sad condition has been made known before the Throne of Grace. Perhaps these words will catch the eye of another child of Christian parents who has left the “old paths,” or perhaps has never truly acknowledged Christ as Saviour and Lord, and may even be contemplating the very link which has proved so disastrous for our unhappy friend. Will you bow before Him now and put your life into His hands, that He may lead you in the path of His will and deliver you from bitter remorse?


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