A Paraphrase of Psalm 4

Verse 1. The cry of the godly

O hear me Lord, to Thee I cry,
God of my righteousness,
Oft have I known Thy presence nigh,
When I was in distress.

Verse 2. The critics of the godly

O sons of men who are my foes.
(The cause of all my sighs),
How long will you my soul oppose,
And slander me with lies?

Verse 3. The confidence of the godly

The godly He has set apart,
His prayer the Lord will hear,
A man after the Lord’s Own heart'
David – his God did fear.

Verses 4,5. The counsel of the godly

Commune with your own heart – be still,
And know that He is God,
Sin not and tremble at His will.
And trust in Him, the Lord.

Verses 6,7. The choice of the godly

Lift up Thy light upon me Lord,
Thou countenance Divine:
Gladness and joy to me afford,
As on me Thou dost shine.

Verse 8. The contentment of the godly

Then shall my soul enjoy Thy peace,
My sleep too shall be sure,
All fears and worries Thou shalt cease,
For Thou dost make secure.


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