Album of a Christian, 1 Peter 2

The apostle Peter in his first letter presents the Christian life in a series of clear cut portraits taken from social life, church life, public life, and natural life. Each picture considered adds to the dignity, fulness and beauty of the Christian life. In the summing up of the life of the believer in this most attractive album. 1 Pet. 2. 1-25, the following portraits are presented.

Babes or Sonship

Here the spiritual experience of the soul is viewed in its initial state. The apostle John has the same thought in view, and refers to the Christian life in a threefold way as “little children”, “young men “, and “fathers”, 1 John 2. 12-14. Divine life begins with a new birth, and such a life is marked by desire for the pure mental milk of the Word of God, 1 Pet. 2. 2 J.N D.

Stones or Worship

The Christian becomes not only a part of a family, but also part of a spiritual house. Small stones, big stones, square stones, round stones, smooth stones, jagged stones, visible stones, and hidden stones are being taken from the quarry of this present evil world, and built as living stones into the temple of God. In this building for God’s habitation, there are holy priests who enter to worship, and royal priests who go out to witness.

Pilgrims or Disciples

Another phase in (he experience of the Christian is public relationship. As “strangers” we are away from home, and as “pilgrims” en route to the city whose builder and architect is God. Meantime, as followers of Christ we must abstain from fleshly lusts. There is no other way to do this than to “Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh”. Gal. 5. 16. Such a life will involve denial, self-sacrifice, tests and tears, surrender and separation, yet it will issue in sterling Christian character.

Servants or Stewards

We have seen something of the basis, the building, and the battle of the spiritual life in the first three pictures, and now we consider the Christian as God’s bond man. We are called to witness, to war, and to work in connection with the gospel of God. Such a life requires fidelity, and the absence of malice and insincerity. It is said that the life of Hudson Taylor was characterized by three qualities: reality, simplicity, and integrity. May it be ours to follow his example!

Sheep or Fellowship

The last picture in our meditation is the crown and culmination of Christian experience. The start of the life that is life indeed is sonship. It expresses itself in worship, it moves on to discipleship, it challenges us to stewardship, and climaxes in fellowship. As sheep who have returned, we should rejoice in the fellowship that is ours with the Good, Great and Chief Shepherd of our souls. It commences on the earth and will never end in eternity. There is nothing on earth to compare with the celestial joy and perpetual blessing that comes from fellowship with Christ.


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