Alfred George Anstice

We sorrowfully inform our readers that precious seed has lost another valuable helper by the home call of our beloved brother Alfred George Anstice at the age of 73. He joined us when the magazine was in its infancy and down through the years brought to his work as Co-Treasurer with Mr. Darch the benefit of his thorough business training. In Committee meetings he had little to say but such advice as he modestly offered carried the stamp of mature experience.
Shortly after he was converted at the age of 16 he gave evidence of that gift which was to be used quietly but effectively for the rest of his life in the edification of his fellow-believers. Although appreciation of his ministry opened doors for him in many parts of this country, and led to his being invited to Canada and the U.S.A., he gave most of his time to assemblies in South Wales, where he will be sorely missed.
At the end of last year he was taken seriously ill but as soon as strength returned he occupied himself again in the Lord’s service. As with all else, he took his duties with precious seed very seriously but we were nevertheless surprised, though delighted, when he turned up at the Committee Meeting at Exeter on April 14th, leaving us afterwards to take the week-end services at Taunton, a place specially dear to his heart because there his youthful witness had been singularly blessed. Such evidence of returning vigour emboldened us to hope that he was to be granted another long spell of usefulness, but the Lord who had other thoughts for His servant called him quietly into rest at the Breaking of Bread on May 27th. He had spoken briefly on Revelation 3. 20 before giving thanks. Having partaken of the bread he passed the plate to a brother sitting behind, put his hand to his head in prayer and in so doing passed into the presence of his Saviour.
Our deep sympathy goes out to his widow who has been a loyal partner in all his work, and to his son, Paul, who seeks grace to follow his father’s example.J. H. L.

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