Being Ignorant of God’s Righteousness, Rom. 10. 3

The same mistake which proved so fatal to the Jews, proves equally fatal to many who pretend to call themselves Christians. Ignorant alike of the divine character and their own, they build their hope of the favour of God and eternal life upon some works of righteousness which they have done; or intend to do; and reject the righteousness of Christ, in which alone they can be justified and accepted. In this mistake the decent and the profane are equally involved; for, the worst of mankind fancy themselves possessed of some virtues and good qualities, that will entitle them to the divine favour. The delusion remains, till the light of the Holy Spirit darts in, like a sun-beam, upon the mind, and discovers the guilt and pollution that defile the best of us. We then abhor ourselves, and look to the free grace of God in Christ Jesus for pardon and salvation. Thus we obtain a hope that maketh not ashamed. Selected


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