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I was talking to a friend after a meeting recently; we were discussing personal difficulties that occur in local churches from time to time. My friend and I agreed that if we all spent more time sharing with each other what we have learned about the Lord Jesus, then there would be far fewer problems. In this month’s column, we review several online resources that help us discover truth about the Lord Jesus Christ.

First, a poem! John Newton (best known as the author of Amazing Grace) wrote a few verses about our consideration of Christ. The first stanza reads:

What think ye of Christ? is the test

To try both your state and your scheme;

You cannot be right in the rest,

Unless you think rightly of Him.

The full poem is at

Next, some books which are available online. Assembly Testimony magazine published a multi-author compilation of articles entitled The Glory of the Son, The book deals in a generally chronological way with Christological doctrine in twelve articles, from The Eternality of His Sonship to The Solemnity of His Judgments. The articles are very helpful especially for those looking for a primer in this context.

A. M. Hodgkin follows through the words of the Lord Jesus on the Emmaus Road, ‘In all the scriptures, the things concerning himself’, Luke 24. 27, and briefly reviews the structure and theme of each book in the biblical canon with respect to its revelation of Christ. Her book is entitled Christ in all the Scriptures, and is available at

J. G. Bellett wrote in the mid-1800s. His writing style is slightly archaic, but most Christ-exalting. His short book on The Moral Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ makes an excellent Saturday night meditative read before a Lord’s day morning. The full text is online at

Finally, some MP3 recordings. We have previously recommended Joe Skelly’s tape library in this magazine. Many of his downloads are helpful. Particularly on the subject of devotion to Christ, I recommend the following two 20 minute messages: Robert McPheat on The Face of Christ at and Jim Flanigan on He is Precious at


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