Bible Bytes – Daily Reading Series

In the frantic rush of busy working life, I always appreciate moments of calm in the day when I can read a Bible verse or enjoy a spiritual thought. Here is a selection of Christian online portals that I find helpful on a regular basis, often while sitting at my office desk during a lunch break.

Christian Living Today

This attractive, high-quality website is run by John Ritchie Limited. You can sign up for an email every day, or browse the online archive. Each message consists of a key verse, a few paragraphs of comment, and a link to a longer Bible passage. Consecutive messages often have themes. Recently, these have included double calls, the tabernacle, and Luke’s Gospel. The messages are anonymous, but obviously written by competent, assembly-based Bible teachers. The website has other useful resources, including reports of gospel outreach and notices of forthcoming meetings.

Text Minsitry

At this website, you can submit your mobile phone number to subscribe for a free weekly text message. The texts always arrive promptly at 9am on Mondays, provid-ing an excellent start to the working week. Each text message contains an exhortational Bible verse. The translation used is King James Version, although the verses sometimes contain standard ‘txt msg’ abbreviations.

Choice Gleanings

Many Christians will have this familiar daily reading calendar hanging on a wall in the study or the bathroom(!). The main web page on this site is laid out in the same format as the tear-off calendar page, with three daily Bible reading references, a verse, a short meditation, and a poem. Sadly, there is no email sign-up system, so you will have to bookmark the website in your browser for a daily visit. Again, full access is provided to an archive of previous messages, going back to July 2008.

Daily Light

The Daily Light reading book is well known. Every morning and evening, a sequence of Bible verses follow in a specific theme. As there is no com-mentary, the reader is left with ample scope for personal meditation. This website follows exactly the same format. My personal concerns are: (1) that the translation used is the New International Version, which I find less easy to read; and (2) that the verses are presented as an image, so it is not easy to cut-and-paste the text into another computer program. Despite these issues, I am sure that many Christians will find this little site to be useful.