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This is a local radio station, broadcasting on 100.8 FM in West Central Scotland. Some of the presenters are in fellowship in various Scottish assemblies. Most of the shows play Christian music, which is quite ‘contemporary’ during the day, but sounds more sedate in the evening. There are also testimony interviews. The news, travel and other information has a strong local focus on the West of Scotland. It is possible to listen live via the website, or via a streaming player like iTunes or Windows Media Player.


This station broadcasts nationally on DAB digital radio. It is also possible to listen live via the website. Podcasts (MP3 downloads) are available, for catching up on previous programmes. Another good feature of the website is its useful daily devotional page, called Word for Today. UCB features music from various Christian genres across the spectrum from traditional to modern. Some programmes have in-depth Bible teaching. As ever, one needs to be extremely careful with any doctrine from unknown and potentially unreliable sources. We must follow the example of the Bereans, Acts 17. 11, to search the scriptures and verify the teaching.

Radio Outreach

This one-man channel provides a 30 minute broadcast each week, which is relayed at various times on international stations. It is also possible to download the podcasts directly from the website. The programmes feature hymns, Bible readings and a message. As the station’s name implies, the focus is on evangelical outreach. Recent themes have included ‘God who sees’ and ‘God who hears’.

F. B. Meyer – additional note

Readers are asked to note that issues of published works in the public domain (out of copyright) vary from country to country depending on publication dates in that country and the length of the term of copyright. Meyer’s works were not published in the USA until many years after his death and will remain in copyright for 95 years from the date of their publication. The availability of material on the Internet does not guarantee that it is free from copyright in every country and readers need to ensure that those laws applicable to their own geographical location are adhered to.


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