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Thumbs up for permanent Catholic–Muslim forum

Pope Benedict XVl has given the green light to establishing a continuing Catholic– Muslim Forum, with its first summit meeting set for November. The pioneer-ing initiative is a response to an open letter from 138 Muslim scholars sent to the Pope and other Christian leaders last year. The invitation itself was triggered by controversial remarks about Islam made by the Pope in Regensburg. Ali Aref Nayed, director of the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Amman, said, ‘This whole initiative is about healing’. He added, the aim is to ‘return to the roots of faith and what we have in common’. The starting point for the inaugural summit will be Christian and Muslim teachings on the duty to love God and one’s neighbour.

Source: The Times (6/3)

EDITOR‘S COMMENT: Developments like the one mentioned above are very significant in light of passages such as Revelation 17, which many believe prophesy the coming together of world religions.

Scottish council introduces no-go areas for cold callers

Angus Council in Scotland have has introduced a deterrence programme to clamp down on zealous devotees of the Jehovah’s Witness cult. The Council has said ‘that thousands of householders had benefitted from the scheme’ which prohibits unsolicited door-knocking in six zones in their region. The council teamed up with ‘Neighbourhood Watch Groups’ and Tayside Police two years ago. The scheme is not legally enforceable but placards and window stickers left cold-callers in no doubt as to the reception that they would receive. Angus Council is urging other local authorities to follow its lead.

Source: Extracts from an article in the Daily Mail (13/3)

EDITOR‘S COMMENT: It is sad to note that the days of being able to visit people unsolicited at their homes may be coming to an end. This should force us all to find other ways to make contact with people, to show them kindness and to introduce them to the gospel.


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