‘Bounty’ Bible in London – On the way to Pitcairn

The “Bounty” Bible has reached London on the first stage of its return to Pitcairn Island after having been kept for 110 years in Connecticut. The Historical Society there is returning it to the islanders on permanent loan.

When the Bounty mutineers cast off Captain Bligh and 18 others near Tahiti in 1789, some of them remained in Tahiti, where they were later arrested, brought back to England and hanged at the yard-arm. Nine others, led by Fletcher Christian and accompanied by their Tahiti wives, sailed in the Bounty to Pitcairn Island.

Only one of the original mutineers, John Adams, survived. With the aid of the Bounty Bible and Prayer Book, he educated the children, settled differences and remained for 13 years ruler and patriarch of the community.”

(Daily Telegraph, 30th March, 1949)

Further reference is made to this incident in this month’s article for Seniors.


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