By All Means Save Some

Under this heading we hope to give from time to time short accounts of how individual Christians have found unusual ways of reaching their fellow-men with the Gospel. May it lead readers to enquire of the Lord whether there is some special means suited to their particular talents.

Here is the Story of a Post Office Official who, feeling he had no public gift, asked the Lord what he could do. The Lord said to him, in effect, as He said to Moses, “What is in thine hand?” “A pen, Lord,” was the reply. “Then use it for Me,” the Lord said. He commenced in a humble way a work which has gone on for many years and has covered a great part of the globe.

"I commenced simply by posting Travellers’ Guides to those in the town whom I knew to be unsaved and then to addresses taken from Newspaper Advertisements and the Telephone Directory. An interest in France prompted me to post over 2,000 Gospels of John in French to Postmasters in that country. Then my mind wandered over Europe and I obtained copies of John’s Gospel in every European language (except Russian and Greek) and systematically sent to Postmasters all over Europe, relying either on the Post Office Guide or consulting a good map. Then I decided to cover the British Dominions and the Postmaster-General in each country willingly gave me their list of offices. After this I commenced to send the Gospel of John and ‘God’s Way of Salvation’ to the 23,000 Postmasters in Great Britain and Ireland. India, with its hundreds of dialects, seemed to present a problem until I learned that all Postmasters in India were required to speak and write in English. Mr. Rowatt sent me an Indian Post Office Guide and so far I have sent to 28,000 of the 30,000 addresses given in the Guide. It is impossible to assess the results of a work like this but I have many interesting responses. A Postmaster in Nigeria passed on my literature to some native school-boys, one of whom wrote and offered me a monkey skin for a copy of the New Testament. One Hindoo wrote after reading ‘God’s Way of Salvation,’ that washing in the Ganges for the cleansing of sin was an easier way. In a few cases the literature has been refused and returned, but the percentage is very small. One Postmaster, in County Limerick, wrote saying he would like to burn me and my books! Numerous letters of appreciation and enquiry have been received and it has been my privilege to help many by correspondence in different parts of the world. I have received news of definite conversions as a result – in one case a whole family turned to the Lord.” – S.T.B.