Changes in the Precious Seed Trust

As the careful reader will have noted, there have been a number of significant changes in the Precious Seed Trust over the course of 2016. These changes will enable us to move forward in 2017 DV, and I have detailed them as follows:

1 Rutherford Rabey has stepped down from his role as chairman of the Precious Seed Trust.

We would like to thank him very much for his assistance in the work. Although he was with us a relatively short time, he helped us through a period of transition and restructuring. We appreciate the time and effort he gave to the work in the two years he was with us. Apart from being a worthy ambassador of the work, the continuing success of the Precious Seed calendar owes much to our brother’s endeavours. We wish him well in his labours in the north-east of England and further afield and trust that he might know the Lord’s continued help and blessing.

2 Howard Coles has retired as treasurer of the Precious Seed Trust.

It was in the January 1991 magazine that the name of Howard Coles first appeared in the list of trustees. Although he was approached before that, he has been part of, and has contributed significantly to, the work for over twenty-five years.

He became secretary to the Trust in January 1998 and treasurer in July 2008. As secretary, he worked closely with Roy Hill as chairman and Michael Jones as treasurer. As treasurer, he has worked closely with John Scarsbrook, Roy Hill, and Rutherford Rabey. Both roles that he has fulfilled have involved a significant amount of work but none more so than the role of treasurer. Indeed, only those who have worked closely with Howard, as I have, will know the extent of the burden that he has carried.

It is safe to say that Howard introduced a much more open and detailed way of working in this latter role, streamlining and computerising systems to the benefit of the working of the Trust. Although not everyone was as engrossed in the accounts that were presented at each meeting, it was Howard’s passion! In the last eight years his contribution to the work has been massive, enabling it to grow to the extent that it has. We owe Howard a significant debt of gratitude for his consistency, diligence, tirelessness, and wise counsel over the years. We shall all miss him in his retirement but, I am sure, join to wish him every blessing in his work for the Lord in Coleford as well as in the south-west of England.

3 Michael Buckeridge (Grantham) is joining the Trust.

We are pleased to welcome Michael to the work, although he is not a complete stranger to it. He has contributed to YPS and has taken an interest in other aspects of the magazine in the past and we look forward to what he can bring in the future. Although we have streamlined the tasks involved in the role of treasurer to the Trust, none more so than through the new Precious Seed online shop, it remains a significant responsibility.

Readers are reminded that any donations, changes of address for magazine mailing or changes to your magazine order should be addressed to Michael – his address is on the back cover of the magazine. I am sure that he will value your co-operation in this important task.

4 Sandy Jack becomes the new Ministry Articles Editor.

Sandy has already been involved in compiling and editing the Reports Section of the magazine. With information being readily available through the Internet and social media, we have decided to re-focus our reporting of gospel activity to that which is more generic and less specific to a named local church, individual, or time. Based upon this change, Sandy is taking on the role of editing articles for the magazine – this will be effective from January 2017. Writers wishing to submit material for consideration will find his address on the back cover of the magazine, or they can send it to this email address, [email protected]

We thank all our readers for their patience if they have been inconvenienced during this period of change. As always, we value the prayers of the Lord’s people to continue the work as He deems appropriate and for the blessing of His people.


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