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Tommy Jones was a real terror at school, and none of the other boys and girls liked him because he was always telling tales. When it came to the end of the term, and everyone was thinking about examinations, Tommy began to wonder just how he would get on, because he had not paid any attention to the lessons of the past term–he had been far too busy playing about! Well, the day came, and all the boys and girls were feeling queer inside, just as though they had a lot of butterflies fluttering about, but they were all hoping that they would know the answers to all the questions that would be on the papers.

Tommy took his place in the room with the others, each one having a ruler and a piece of blotting paper. When they were all seated and the question papers given out, you should have seen Tommy’s face as he looked at his, for he did not know a single answer. Whatever could he do? He looked around the room and saw that all the others were writing as fast as ever they could. Then an idea came to him: if he could not answer the questions himself he would do his very best to see that his friends did not come out on top. He sat quite still for a few minutes, and then he pretended to write, but really he was looking round to see if anyone was watching him. All at once he jumped up and went out to the teacher who was in charge and said: “Please–Bob Roberts and jack Brown are helping each other with the answers”. Up gets the teacher and calls bob and Jack out to the front, and asks them what they are doing. Of course both told the truth and said they were not cheating, but Tommy kept on so long and said that he had seen them passing answers to one another, that the teacher took all the question papers and all the answers and put them in the fire. Then he set out to make a fresh examination paper, which Tommy still could not do and for which he was punished. And everyone had to take the exam, all over again–just because Tommy broke a commandment. I do hope you will be very careful not to break it, as Tommy did–it is very easy to break.


And now, which commandment was it? Make up your mind from Exodus 20.

ANSWER – “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” Ex. 20. 16.


We want to see how well you can re-produce the picture of the Sower on the Front Cover of the Magazine. Make a copy of it (you may trace it, if you wish); colour it in paints or crayons; and in the four corners of your picture put in the four different results (a separate picture for each) of which the Lord Jesus spoke in the “Parable of the Sower”. You will have to find and read the Parable again, to make sure you get it right. Send your entry by JUN1: 3rd to Mr, T. J. Lawson, 148 Greenway Road, TAUNTON, Somerset, giving your name, address and age. Prizes will be given for the best entries from those under and over twelve on that date.


Our Lord’s references to Old Testament Characters

This competition seems to have appealed more to boys than to girls, arid to have been too difficult for those under twelve.

First prize in the Senior Competition goes to John Thorpe (15) of Cheddar, whose list contained twenty characters, with very full references. John Bailie (16), of Belfast, also found twenty characters, but had not given such full references.

The winning entry gave the following characters: – Abel, Abiathar, Abraham, Daniel, David, Elijah, Elisha, Isaac, Isaiah, Jacob. Jonah, Lot, Lot’s Wife, Moses, Naaman, Noah, Queen of Sheba, Solomon, Widow of Sarepta, Zacharias.