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(Note. We think we have found a helper for Mr. Lawson, and we hope that his first message for you will appear in the next issue. Your thoughts will soon be turning to Christmas – if they have not been turned that way already, Mr. Lawson has kindly provided you with a very ‘Christmassy’ Competition, which you will all enjoy. – Editors.)


There was a much bigger entry for this competition, especially from the “Over Twelves.” No-one sent in a list that agreed exactly with the one given below; but there were some cases where it was difficult to see whether the Word of God was referred to. The Senior Prize has been awarded to Rosemary Prouten (15) of Bridestowe. Good answers were also sent by Ruth Steedman (15¾) of Birmingham, Rosalind Chamings (12½) of Rubery, and Julia Cutland (16) of Crediton. The Junior Prize goes to Brian Ponsford (10) of Dinas Powis. Two young competitors, Richard Phillips (8) of Knowle, and Margaret Davis (8½) of Manchester, did quite well in this rather hard competition.

The Word of God in Psalm 119

Commandment (s)22 Statutes 22

Judgements19 Testimony(ies) 23

Law 25 Word(s) 42

Precepts 21 Ordinances 1

(Where competitors distinguished between different ways of using the terms Law and Word, they have been credited for the total of all the occasions noted. Judgments) is used on some occasions in a different sense from the nineteen given; and Way(s) is not reckoned as referring to God’s Word.)


Christmas Cards

We want to see how well you can design a Christmas Card with ONE of these three things on it: A picture of some scene from the Bible account of the Birth of Christ; OR A text or texts from the Scriptures appropriate to Christmas; OR A poem on a Christmas theme, Use what design and colour you like, We shall have to trust you not to copy. Send your design on a postcard to Mr. T. J. Lawson, c/o 148 Greenway Road, TAUNTON, Somerset, to arrive not later than Monday, 4th December. Prizes will be given for the best entries from those under and over 12 years of age on that date – so put your age on your entry. If you would like your entry sent back, put your name and address and a 2d. stamp on the other side of your card and send it to me in an envelope.

T. J. L.