Christ in the Gospels

The volumes compressed in the four Gospels will fill and thrill our hearts through the ages of ages: John said, “If they should be written every one … the world itself could not contain the books that should be written”. Think of all that has been written since the days of the apostles, yet there are depths unfathomed and heights unreached in these all-comprehensive writings. As a suggestion for meditation, these Gospels may be considered with profit from eight viewpoints, setting forth the greatness and glory of Christ, as follows:

Viewpoint Matthew Mark Luke John
Official King Servant Son of Man Son of God
Symbolical Lion Ox Man Eagle
Keyword Kingdom Immediately Certain Light & Love
Offerings Sin Meat Peace Burnt
Moral Lesson Subjection Submission Dependence Love
Activities Ways Work Walk Word
Literature Jew Roman Greek World
Musical Notes Soprano Dulcet Alto Sweet Tenor Deep Bass

The music of these four Gospels is compressed in Psalm 16. The harmonious notes of this Psalm, amidst suffering and sorrow and death, fill heaven with joy. The presentation of

Christ in the Gospels is intended so to affect us that the music of Psalm 16 is reproduced in our hearts.

The Chief Musician

The Gospels compose music to fill the universe with praise to God.

The Acts of the Apostles selects and forms the choir.

The Epistles form and tune musical instruments – harps, lutes, psalteries, etc., in great variety.

The Revelation shows that all things in the vast universe, touched by His hands, become vocal with praise to God, even the Father.