Coming out and going in!

Before God’s people could get out of
Egypt, Pharaoh made them three
different offers. To each Moses said,
‘No’. If he had not they’d never have
got out!

First, Pharaoh said, ‘Go, only leave
your children here’. Next, he said, ‘Go,
only leave your business here’. Finally,
he said, ‘Go, only don’t go too far’.
Listen to what Moses told him, ‘there
shall not an hoof be left behind’,
Exod. 10. 26. That’s what you’ve got
to do too – look the enemy in the eye
and say, ‘No! I’m taking my family, I’m
taking my business and I’m going all
the way with God!’ That’s what it
takes to get out of Egypt!

But then there is the question of
getting into the Promised Land? That
happens only … one city at a time …
one habit at a time … one attitude at
a time and one step of faith at a time.

It happens when you break the
enemy’s hold on your finances and put
God first. It happens when you take
the remote control out of his hand and
protect your family from an
entertainment culture that corrupts. It
happens when you refuse to contradict
what God has said in His word.

Never speak words that make the
enemy think he’s still in control – he’s
not! The Bible says you have the
authority to drive him out – and He’s
got to go, Luke 10. 17. If you allow
him even an inch, he’ll turn it into a
stronghold, Eph. 4. 27.

Rise up in faith today and announce,
‘I’m coming out and I’m going in!’


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