Complete Deliverance From Sin

We live under the glorious reign of grace. ‘Grace reigns through righteousness unto eternal life, by Jesus Christ our Lord’, Rom. 5. 21.

This glorious emancipating truth is little understood by the Lord’s people. Comparatively few get beyond the forgiveness of sins. They do not see their full deliverance from the power of sin; they feel its presence; and, arguing from the painful feeling, instead of reckoning themselves to be what God tells them they are, they are plunged into doubt and fear as to their conversion. They are occupied with their own self-consciousness, instead of Christ. They are looking at their state in order to get peace and comfort. Hence they are and must be miserable. The very highest spiritual state could never form the basis of peace. We shall never get peace if we seek it in our state, our condition, our experience or anything else. The way to get peace is to believe that we died with Christ; were buried with Him; are justified in Him, and accepted in Him. In short, ‘as He is, so are we in this world’, 1 John 4. 17. This is the divine basis of peace. And not only so, but it is the only divine secret of a holy life. We are dead to sin.

From ‘Uplook’ magazine. Re-printed by kind permission.


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