Here are some 60th anniversary congratulations we have received from friends around the world:

‘We send our warm congratulations to Precious Seed on reaching 60 years of continuous publication. Over this time you have produced biblical articles which have had the purpose of building up believers in their faith and knowledge of the word of God, as well as reports on the growth of the gospel. We know that these have been read and appreciated not only in the UK but by missionaries and other servants of God around the world. Those who are in remote locations with little fellowship value these even more so. May the Lord bless you in this vital publishing ministry and allow you to continue to serve the people of God, if the Lord wills, in the years to come.'
Ian Burness

on behalf of the Editors, Echoes of Service, Bath, UK

‘It is also 60 years since I was commended to the Lord’s work, during which time I have appreciated, and occasionally contributed to, articles for this fine publication dedicated to encourage and uphold with sound written ministry the practice of New Testament principles and interest in the gospel.

I congratulate the committee of Precious Seed for the high standard that has been maintained over the years. I pray that with the Lord’s help this ministry to the people of God may continue for His glory in the years ahead, till He come.’
Harold S. Paisley

Toronto, Canada

‘In a day of doctrinal confusion, ecclesiastical compromise and self-centred methodologies, it is gratifying to know that Precious Seed Magazine still stands for the truth (after 60 years)! What a record of faithfulness to the Lord. May it continue until He comes!’
William MacDonald

San Leandro, California, USA

‘We rejoice with you in the Lord in celebrating the 60th Birthday of Precious Seed Magazine. The Lord is good, especially in using the magazine for evangelism of the unsaved and for the edification of the saved. I was exposed to Precious Seed as a youth in the ‘seventies’ and benefitted most from the Young Believers’ section on Christian living and from the Books of the Bible Surveys. I was very privileged to be given copies of the magazine back to the 1950s by the late brother Lim Tian Leong. We witness with thanksgiving to the Lord His faithfulness in maintaining the production of the magazine to this day. It is indeed a magazine that draws us close to the Lord, close to His word and close to His people. All glory to the Lord and grace to your readers!’
Wong Tuck Keong

Bethesda Hall (Ang Mo Kio, Singapore)

‘Any Christian ministry that exists for 60 years is subject to two extremes. Either it will cease to speak to succeeding generations and remain mired in the past in the name of faithfulness. Or, it will compromise the truth in the name of being relevant to modern times. Precious Seed has, with the Lord’s help, avoided both these extremes and is a relevant ministry magazine speaking to the times yet remaining entirely trustworthy and faithful to the word of God. It is well received here in North America and on this 60th Anniversary we offer our warmest congratulations and pray the Lord’s continued blessing and preservation of this great work until He returns.'
Brian Gunning
Editor, Counsel Magazine, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

‘Unlike many of us approaching our 60th year (or beyond), Precious Seed keeps looking better. Many believers around the globe thank the Lord for a ministry that is balanced, up-to-date, and soundly based on the word of God. May the Lord continue to bless the work until the last pre-Rapture edition!’
Jabe Nicholson
Editor of Uplook Magazine, Grand Rapids Michigan, USA


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