Divine, Infinite Dimensiions

As believers we are aware that God is infinitely greater than us. For example, He is omnipotent, all-powerful, omniscient, all knowing and omnipresent, everywhere at the same time. We can enter in some measure into how much greater He is than ourselves as we consider several facts. First, everything we see in the world had a beginning and will have an end. This is the same from soap bubbles blown by a child to the universe itself. Because of this our finite minds cannot possibly grasp that our God has always been and ever will be unchanging, Heb. 13. 8. He does not grow old, Isa. 40. 28.

Secondly, everything made or invented by His creatures not only becomes old, but ‘old fashioned’ too! For example we are familiar with old fashioned transport, telephones, typewriters, clothes, cameras, furniture and even words and expressions. Why is this? Our ‘fashions’ change on account of the fact that there is often, if not always, room for improvement or advancement. But not so with what God has made, Gen. 1. 31. Who ever heard of oldfashioned arms or teeth, plants, hills, animals, stars, clouds or snow. His ‘creation’ is perfect, no need of improvement here! Gods word the Bible like most of the above has become old, but not oldfashioned! It is a living word and not capable of ageing, is it not? Heb. 4. 12.

Now let us consider three other things: speech, sight, and space. We can only listen intelligently to one person at a time, but God can hear and understand everybody speaking to Him at the same time. How many prayers are being offered worldwide at anyone time? Millions of course, yet each one receives His attention absolute 1 Pet. 3. 12. I remember I often used to imagine the judgement seat of Christ, before which each believer must appear, as similar to an end of term oral school examination. I could see all the scholars standing in a single line, each very conscious of others and how they were getting on! In some way and inexplicable to our natural minds, it seems that the Lord will deal with each believer in person and in private at the same time! His speech will be just for us and only ever heard by us, that will be most precious.

Likewise when we are raptured into His presence at His coming for us, we shall all see Him at the same time too! Remember how that Zacchaeus could not see the Lord, ‘… because of the press’ and he was, ‘small of stature’. The crowd surrounding the Lord on the blessed day of His return will be almost infinitely greater, but nothing will obscure our individual view of Him! When the Lord returns to earth we know that, ‘… every eye shall see Him’, Rev. 1. 7, and it is doubtful that it will be on their television screens!

Regarding space, we shall be caught up together from the earths sphere to heaven, 1 Thess. 4. 17. We know that God dwells in the ‘third’ heaven according to 2 Corinthians chapter 12 verse 2. The first heaven being atmospheric and just above the earth, the second however is stellar and takes us to the stars. Our finite minds would suggest that as we rise we would rapidly become infinitely more distant from each other, but we know that our destination is the same and we shall be ‘together’! How different divine dimensions must be! How inadequate our finite minds are to cope with all this! No wonder Paul could say in 2 Corinthians chapter 12 verse 4 that he ‘heard unspeakable words’!

How vastly different and far better must Heaven be to this our earthly dwelling place. So much is hidden from our mortal minds, but we must be thankful for what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us that we might have knowledge suitable for us on our pilgrim pathway. Our only purpose and joy is to know and obey the Lord while we are left here for His glory and to be a blessing of our fellows.


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