Have you seen it?
Have you read it?
Have you downloaded it and passed it on to fellow Christians?

This new venture was commenced in December last year. It is an eight-page full colour magazine aimed at providing something of spiritual benefit for those ‘on the move’. It is available for download from the Precious Seed International web site (www.preciousseed.org) and is in A4 pdf format.

From June 2012, the third issue of the e-magazine, we will make it available in a black and white format as well as the colour version. This should enable Kindle and other e-reader users to download it too.

Alternatively, you could print it off and take to some of those Christians who may not be able to get to all of the meetings because of illness or frailty. We hope that you find this new format helpful.

If you would like to receive a copy direct to your mailbox, a black and white copy to print off for someone else, or a regular reminder to say it is available on-line, then send us your email address to [email protected] and put in the subject of your email ‘Request for e-magazine’ or ‘Request for e-magazine reminder’. We will do the rest.

Similarly, if you have any feedback for us about this e-magazine, use the email address above and send us a note. If you want this additional work to continue it will depend on feedback received – send us yours!

Please note that some other organisations go by the name of Precious Seed International on the internet. Please ensure when seeking to access Precious Seed International that you access www.preciousseed.org.


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