'if we deny him, he also will deny us: if we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself’, 2 Tim. 2. 12, 13.

In this, the final of Paul’s letters in our New Testament, the Spirit of God anticipated the characteristics and the many needs of our day. So, among several themes that run through the letter, the importance and unchanging nature of the God’s word is a constantly emphasized.

This word is that ‘form of sound words’ and ‘good thing’ committed by Paul to Timothy’s safe keeping, chapter 1. It is the ‘body of truth’ taught by Paul and to be passed on to next generation in chapter 2. It becomes the means by which the ‘man of God’ may become fully equipped in chapter 3, and the ‘sound doctrine’ that a future professing Christendom would refuse to have as they look for more palatable truths propounded elsewhere, in chapter 4.

So we find our day as one when, even in our generally committed circles, the word of God is being neglected. Our pool of gifted and able teachers is very nearly dried up and the lack of love for the Scriptures evident by the handful now prepared to study it or attend conference meetings set up to hear it. We can only go so far down this pathway before we meet His hand that denies us because we have denied Him. Thank God things don’t rest entirely in our faith or commitment, for whatever we are, He will remain as faithful as He has ever been.

The challenge is to find our way back to His word and develop that hunger for the things that it alone can provide. The more we yield to Him the more He willingly comes to us. He’ll neither deny Himself nor us. We could do with quality teachers that not only know the word but also are in touch with God to deliver His word for today. We need to give more time to private study of the word. Certainly much more encouragement should be given younger people who show a desire to know the word. Openings would be a good thing too, for those who show ability. We need a revival of our Bible classes of young people and a re-start to methodically teaching through the word of God. We have little time left; we are responsible for what we leave behind.

This issue of the magazine has several articles dealing with the way in which the scriptures need to be handled publicly in order to be profitable for the believers. Two new studies are commenced, one on the revival under King Hezekiah and the other in the First Epistle of Peter. There is also a new section, edited by our brother Ian Rees, which is directed specifically to the needs of younger believers and is removable from the main magazine. We have called it YPS as short for Young Precious Seed. Please remove it and pass it on to any you feel would at least read it through once. Having raised the issue of teaching the younger generation you will appreciate that we are endeavouring to practise what we preach!

We would appeal for the sending in of more reports of the Lord’s work going on through assembly testimonies in the U K. We are not losing this section but it is reduced largely on account of a lack of response to repeated requests for reports. We do not wish to see it disappear.

As a committee of trustees for the magazine and publications work we are delighted to welcome to our number our brother John Scarsbrook from Killamarsh. He is a wellknown teacher of the word and has a wide experience of assembly life on which to draw and we look forward to his fellowship.


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