We stand on the threshold of the third millennium. 2000 A.D. in the year of our Lord. What are we saying? That about 2000 years have passed since the coming of the Saviour into a world such as ours. We may ask, ‘What do the millennia mean in the timescales of the Timeless One, the God of Eternity?’ Which of us can really tell?

In the dramatic language of Psalm 90. 2-4, the psalmist could say, ‘From everlasting to everlasting, thou art God’, … a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past’. Stupendous concept, penetrating INFINITY. As those who believe, we are given a revelation of God’s ON-GOING PURPOSE as the ages develop. This is related to a world of those who constantly manifest rebellion and sin against heaven. Thus we see God’s UNTIRING PATIENCE, not willing that any should perish, 2 Pet. 3. 8-9.

What of the experience of those who are ‘the redeemed of the Lord’? Surely we can bear testimony to God’s UNFAILING PROMISES. With Joshua of old we can say that not one good thing has failed of all that God has promised.

What of future days? Sadly, our world has no future, and is largely without hope. Judgement awaits those who reject the Saviour. But for us there is an EXCITING PROSPECT. The coming of the Lord draws near. We anticipate the fulfilment of that Blessed Hope, the return of our Saviour and Lord. So, we live, we expect, we encourage, we evangelize.

This issue, the first for the new millennium and a new year, is unique because of the new format for the magazine. We hope you will like it. The last of our Prophetic Insights deals with the millennial reign of Christ. We hope to have further prophetic studies during the year.

Paul Young gives us food for thought in a concise article on the New Age Movement. We hope to have more articles of this nature as the year progresses. We need to be well armed to meet the wiles of the devil in our day. Notice how relevant the thoughts from the past are in the reprint from our very first issue of the magazine in 1945. We were indebted many times to E. W. Rogers and many of his calibre for their inspiring ministry.

We have thought it good to introduce at times, brief histories of how the work of the Lord began in certain localities. We are indebted in this issue, to John Frost for details of how the work began at Tottenham. The early issues of the magazine carried a number of such articles. We hope they will be of interest and encouragement.

As we face the New Year, PRAYER is desperately needed in every field of Christian testimony and assembly fellowship. PRAY that our vision shall be set on today. We can LEARN from the past, but not LIVE there. May God equip us all to meet the challenge and the demands of the days in which He has designed that our lot shall be cast. Only in the power of His Holy Spirit can we find our strength and sufficiency.

We are sorry to hear of the homecall of our beloved brother G. B. Fyffe. He was a lifelong supporter of Precious Seed, writing regularly for the magazine and for our publications. His was a life of committed service and while we mourn his passing we thank God for the richness he brought to so many lives – young and old.


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