The delay in issuing our second number has been due to unforeseen difficulties in connection with the Control of Paper Order, but we are thankful that recent relaxation of that Order has not only enabled us to resume publication but has made expansion possible.

For the time being we consider that our best course is to print a twelve-page Number bi-monthly and to meet the demand for copies, as far as possible, by increasing the circulation.

We continue to receive encouragement from responsible brethren in various parts of the country, who share our convictions as to the importance of, and need for, ministry in regard to New Testament Principles and more information about Gospel work carried on in accordance with these Principles.

Nevertheless we recognise that there are those who feel that this line of teaching has been overdone – that it fails to meet present-day conditions – that it militates against progress and initiative. These are the very people whose ear we are anxious to gain. It is into their hands we want to get the Magazine. Even though we do not agree with their point of view we think we understand it, and we believe we shall be able in this column to meet their objections in a reasonable and understanding spirit.

At the same time we venture to think that the Magazine as a whole will, in the long run, supply the best answer to their misgivings by showing that balanced ministry regarding the Assembly, when given in the proper spirit, is Christ-exalting, soul nourishing, and productive of closer unity and greater zeal in the things of God.

Our policy is based on the conviction that the positive presentation of truth will bear its own fruit in its own good time. Our present contributors are being enabled to lay a foundation of wholesome truth, upon which other acceptable writers will build, and we look forward, if the Lord permit, to the pleasure and privilege of providing a rich variety of helpful ministry, as well as a number of interesting features calculated to deepen interest in enterprising Gospel work.

We acknowledge with gratitude the valuable advice, suggestions and criticisms which have been sent us, and we want to assure our readers that these are always welcome.

We earnestly solicit your prayers that God will allow the dew of His blessing to rest on the effort.


We wish to keep this enterprise free from commericalism and this is one of the reasons for issuing the magazine free and simply inviting the free will offerings of friends who are exercised about supporting the effort.

We wish to acknowledge the generous response so far given which has enabled us to go forward. Friends wishing to help us to continue the work may (a) hand their gifts to their Assembly Correspondent, (b) forward them to the Magazine Treasurers, or (c) pay into the nearest Branch of the Midland Bank to the account of “Precious Seed” Magazine, Midland Bank, Taunton.

Although attention may occasionally be drawn to helpful publications, etc., perhaps we ought to explain that we think it better not to accept paid advertisements.


Questions of general profit may be sent to the Editors, and they will be answered by Mr. E. W. Rogers, of London.


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