F. Cundick

Frederick Cundick’s ministry to Assemblies of the Saints spanned a period during which there were many changes among them, yet of him it can be said: He was unaccommodating to innovations which could not be supported by the Word of God. Being satisfied that the old paths were both safe, and sure to reach the right end, it was these he unwaveringly traced for others to follow. One’s earliest recollections of him are of a student of the Word who dug deep, and who tad treasures to share which superficial readers of Scripture would never discover for themselves. He valued the truth because it was all of God. In searching for it he yielded himself to possess it, and was painstaking in presenting it lest it should appear to be worth little. Occasions are recalled when he gave of his best to small, isolated gatherings, invariably expounding some portion; developing a theme; sometimes giving an outline of a lesser known Bible book such as Esther or Lamentations. He could not be called tolerant towards the kind of conduct or dress that he considered unsuited to the house of God, and in consequence he may on occasion have appeared a somewhat austere man. The man of God will always have much to oppose3 so if, like our beloved brother, he is given to building up rather than to pulling down, the day will show the wisdom of his not seeking popularity by subscribing to the latest fashion, or even paying too much attention to it.

Precious Seed has always been glad of his thoughtful articles and would have welcomed more. One series on Ezekiel was published as a booklet, now unfortunately out of print. In recalling our brother’s labours, and in extending our sympathy to his loved ones in their loss, it is our joy to realize with them that he is now at home awaiting the time when each one of us shall receive his praise from God.



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