'… and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ’, 1 John 1. 3.

Called to fellowship divine,
With the Father and the Son,
By the Holy Spirit’s power,
By whom we’re forever one.
With such fellowship as this,
How could we earth’s trifles miss?

Fellowship in sweet communion,
Stolen from each busy day.
Oft in moments of soul pauses,
As we halt along the way,
Sometimes of Thy sufferings, Lord,
Offtimes of Thy precious Word.

Fellowship in ministry,
To His own, in some sweet way,
Drooping spirits, tired hands
Wait for service everyday,
Fellowship with Thee, how blest,
Surely here our souls may rest.

In the gospel, fellowship
Blessed privilege for us,
Holding up the hands of those
Who proclaim the Saviour’s cross,
Where Thou Lord our sins didst bear,
With Thee, this, we cannot share.

In Thy sufferings, fellowship
Here, where Thou wast given no place,
Mocked, insulted, thrust aside,
Scorned Thy love, despised Thy grace,
May we feel with Thee, O Lord,
Every base insulting word.

Fellowship in hidden wisdom,
Of Thy glory yet to come,
Hidden from the world’s great princes,
Shared with Thee in that bright home,
Where Thou wilt reveal to us
All the glory of Thy cross.


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