For Me

We did not see
the horrors of that day,
The blood, the dust, the flies,
Nor hear the cries,
Curses of men dying in agony,
Nor hear that other voice
of One by choice
Obedient unto death,
willing to pray,
For murderers on that day.

But through the open window
of the Word
I see the cruel crowd,
Their shouting loud.
Nailed to a Roman cross
I see my Lord
Under the curse of God,
Struck by the rod
Of wrath divine, the sharp,
awakened sword
against the Shepherd drawn.

Unmeasured burden!
All my lifelong sin,
Hell-worthy, laid on Him
Who all alone
Bore all for me,
that I might live through Him.
I rest my all on Thee,
That Thou mayest be
Saviour and Lord of all,
without, within,
To save my soul from sin.


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