Gospel Work and Other Activities


CO. LIMERICK Continue to pray for the work of the evangelistic teams at work in Limerick and Enniscorthy over the summer months. John and Linda Standfield are in the process of enlarging their house to better accommodate the visiting teams of workers as well as to provide office space and a larger meeting room. The ongoing work in home Bible studies as well as children’s meetings, occupies much of their time and effort in the town.

CO. MONAGHAN Seven weeks of gospel meetings in the difficult area of Scots Corner, near Monaghan, held by A. Davidson and T. McKinley, were blessed by the growing interest of a number of local people.

CO. DONEGAL The assembly at Letterkenny has been greatly encouraged by the baptisms of a married couple and their twelve-year-old son. They have since been received into fellowship. Having no natural ties with the assemblies it is hoped that their witness will reach yet more with the gospel. G. Stewart and S. Patterson are seeing encouraging interest in the meetings they are having in the portable hall at Killygordon.


CO ANTRIM A. McShane was encouraged by the interest shown in ministry on 1 Timothy at Ballyclare in June. Conference ministry given at Ballywatermoy also attracted good numbers of believers and this was followed up with four nights of gospel preaching by J.Hay. The assembly is also reaching out to the village of Cullybackey and is using the local Pigeon Club’s hall to hold a series of gospel meetings during the month of July. Woodgreen, Nr Ballymena. A start has been made in gospel outreach here in a portable hall by A. Caldwall, G. Maze and D. McKillen, all from the assembly at Kells. A. Aiken is conducting open air meetings in fellowship with the saints from Ahogill, Carnlough, Kells and Broughshane. Tracting housing estates in the afternoon, our brother then preaches in the evenings.

CO. ARMAGH H. Paisley was much appreciated as he ministered the word for the saints in South Armagh. The believers who came to the Ardmore Missionary Conference were challenged by reports from the Lord’s work in Albania, Zambia and Brazil.

CO. DOWN S. Barr and Junior Graham were encouraged by good interest as they used a six week effort in the Orange Hall to preach the gospel in Blackskull. Killinchy. Gospel work by R. Pickering and P. Chambers, has been well supported by the believers but has had little response as yet from local people. In contrast, at Newry, in meetings continuing for over eight weeks, A. Aiken and J. Rogers have had the joy of seeing seven profess salvation and there seem to be yet more that are showing concern. Gospel meetings continue in the portable hall erected by B. Glendinning and R. Fairley on the outskirts of the town of Lisburn.

CO. FERMANAGH After receiving the agreement of the trustees of the Union Hall in Ballindarragh, W. J. Nesbitt has begun visitation and gospel meetings in this rural but wellpopulated area. The towns of Lisnaskea, Brookeborough and Maguiresbridge have been visited door to door with the help of local brethren. There has not been an assembly gospel series in the area since 1969 nor in Ballindarragh since the late fifties. There have been some positive responses from the locals and all have accepted the literature offered to them.

CO. LONDONDERRY With nineteen weeks of consecutive gospel meetings and a very demanding schedule of visitation, the gospel meetings conducted by P. Orasuk, (PEI) and M. McCandless, (New Brunswick), in the local community hall at Coleraine, have now concluded. As a result of the Lord’s blessing upon His own word there have been between forty and fifty who have professed faith in the Lord Jesus. Some of these had been the subject of many prayers over previous years. Each night saw numbers attending of around three hundred. These new converts represent a very demanding work in follow up during the coming months. As in years past the assembly at Aughrim has again reached out with the gospel to the neighbouring town of Castledawson. A series of children’s meetings was well attended and included children from the Catholic community. Open air meetings covered the whole of the town, and as the gospel was preached, homes were visited with literature. A weekly open air meeting on a Saturday evening from April to December keeps the witness alive to the town.

CO. TYRONE Continuing gospel meetings in Kingsmills conducted by W. Fenton and M. McKillen are attracting a number of young people, some of whom have made a profession of faith. The hall is filled nightly and people are being touched with a good sense of the Lord’s presence. There are gospel outreaches in Plumbridge, using a portable hall, and at Lungs. The saints at Sion Mills saw many children in under the sound of the gospel during a children’s special week conducted by D. Donaghy and L. Craig.

BELFAST AND DISTRICT Five weeks of good gospel meetings were h e l d a t Creagagh Street and resulted in some unsaved hearing the word of salvation. The Easter Conference was well attended with an encouraging number of young people present. Reports and ministry were given by a number of the Lord’s servants providing much needed encouragement and challenge.


Stephen Grant has been labouring in the gospel at a number of places recently where the assemblies have had the exercise to evangelize using his help. At Aberdeen he spent two weeks with the Fountain Hall assembly during which 7,000 tracts were distributed in the village and three visits made to local schools. Unsaved were at most of the meetings and the gospel was preached faithfully. At Fraserburgh he took four weeks of gospel meetings and again unsaved were there to hear and the saints were encouraged. The Glasgow area of Easterhouse has also had adult and children’s meetings taken by our brother during June, when the support of neighbouring assemblies was very much appreciated. Good numbers were present and this gives great encouragement to believe that some will be finding the Saviour soon. Children’s meetings conducted in Newton Stewart by Sid Mountstevens attracted good numbers and were well supported by the believers. Many quoted Scripture from memory and adult relatives attended the prize giving. At Mayfield, the youngsters settled down to coming and increased to about forty in the second week. Texts were learnt and the gospel set out for them. Ministry and gospel preaching was part of the work with the assembly. Our brother has tried to engage in schools work locally but the door does not as yet seem open there. Contacts with a ‘white witch’ have proved an opportunity to tell her of the Saviour. The believers from Perth Gospel Hall decided to use the Ayrshire Bible Exhibition in their local library for two weeks. Assisted by Robert Gibson, they saw eighteen classes visit the displays from thirteen different local schools. There were two late openings each week and it was good to see children returning with their parents to see the exhibition. Several showed real interest, one man returning four times. During the second week Ian Campbell visited the schools and held three lectures in the library theatre on the subject of ‘Creation or Evolution’. They were well attended and people remained behind to speak to Ian. Each night they all heard a very clear presentation of the Creator who was also the Saviour. As a result of these efforts some are now attending the regular gospel meeting. The Ayrshire Gospel Outreach centred on Stevenston where the three assemblies joined in testimony to the Lord with the help of Robert Revie. The emphasis was on reaching the children and teenagers of the town. To this was added a programme of open air meetings covering the whole area. Invitations were delivered in advance and there was an encouraging response from a number of young people. Children brought some parents in and a number of locals also attended the indoor gospel meetings. It was a challenging and also encouraging time. Jack Hay joined Stephen Grant to work in the village of Howwood for two weeks. The entire village was twice visited with literature and the meetings were held in the Village Hall.


SOUTH WALES The Valley assemblies still have a voice to the people proclaiming the only Saviour and are encouraged to see God at work despite evidence of weakness. At Deri our brother Joe Baxter laboured for three weeks in the gospel. Unsaved were present at nearly every meeting, some coming into the hall for the first time. It was felt that some were clearly spoken to and a lasting impression has been made on the community as a result. One woman who attended spoke with Joe at the close of the meeting. The next week she was admitted to hospital and only a week later passed into eternity. He also took three meetings in the Community Centre of the next village of Fochriw. Good numbers of unsaved attended each evening. The surrounding assemblies supported all the meetings and were a great encouragement throughout the effort. The small assembly at Treherbert has had for several months the consistent attendance of ten to twelve teenagers both at the midday Sunday school and at the gospel meeting. Three women are also regularly attending the gospel meeting as a result of kindness shown by the assembly to their children and grandchildren. One comes with her daughters as a result of their witness, the other because of a gift sent to a grandson in prison. Pencoed. The wooden building used by the assembly here and earlier by the saints in Port Talbot, had to finally retire and was demolished in 1998. However the Lord has overruled for the assembly to buy the plot of land and it is hoped to raise another building on the spot as the Lord leads. Meanwhile the assembly has had the use of a hall in Llanharan for the Breaking of Bread and the midweek meeting. Gospel work has continued in the local school which has attracted a number of locals to come, including a saved woman whose husband now attends the gospel meeting, although he maintains he is an atheist. Nantgarw. The recent encouragement received by the assembly seemed to start with the renovation of the baptistry! Just as it was being finished off the first request came and since then two others have been baptized. Two of these are now in assembly fellowship. The gospel meeting has been enlarged as a result of converting a vehicle to take wheelchairs. This has enabled the saints to bring a number along who could not be brought otherwise. The work in the local Residential Homes has also been moving forward with very good numbers attending, including local people and staff. A request has also been received for an additional meeting to be held in a new fifty-four bedroom extension in one of the homes.

WEST WALESPort Talbot. In early May the assembly began two weeks of gospel meetings with the help of David Richards. The area was constantly visited, resulting in a lot of good contacts. The meetings exalted the Lord and a real sense of the presence and power of God was experienced as a result. Some came into the hall for the first time and a good number heard the gospel clearly presented. Many saints locally showed fellowship and the assembly is grateful to the Lord for this and the help given to His servant. Bridgend. The saints have received much encouragement from their recent conference meetings when John McQuoid of Larne took up practical ministry relating to Joseph and Mary and their responsibilities before God. This was followed by a report on the Monday of the recent dramatic increase of assembly work in Ethiopia. A good company of the Lord’s people present added to the blessings enjoyed. Maesteg. The assembly has been greatly encouraged by the profession of six young people over the winter months, all of whom continue to attend the meetings regularly. Paul Young is currently visiting up to forty schools on a regular basis and is on the governing bodies of two of them. The assembly has also been encouraged as about fifteen unsaved folk consistently attend the gospel meeting, and the ladies’ evenings have been very well attended over the winter. They anticipate a full summer camp with young people but need workers.

CARDIFF AREA There continues to be an air of expectancy and anticipation of blessing as the city assemblies face the task of rebuilding the assembly testimony. Encouragement is reported from the Home Workers Conference and a real sense of commitment to the Lord Himself was a dominant theme. The United Prayer Breakfasts continue as sacred and powerful occasions of sincere and heart-searching exercises before God as to the future of the work and a cry for revival amongst His people. Some assemblies doing visitation using the Jesus video are reporting positive responses. There is much interest in the proposed ‘All City’ assembly gospel campaign, which is now being planned for October- November this year. Llandaff North. The assembly has recently seen six young people baptized and a real turn around in their spiritual lives and testimonies. A weekend away under challenging ministry seemed to move them forward – a real answer to prayer. The hall was full to overflowing as they witnessed to relatives and friends of their faith in Christ. Two of them are outstanding in their determination to witness both at school and at home. Many have come to the hall for the first time as a result. Rumney. The assembly is encouraged to feel that God is at work again in East Cardiff. They have had the joy of seeing three saved and five baptized last year. Andrew Goode has with others gained access to twenty-six schools in the area being able to speak freely about the things of God and the way of salvation to what is, sadly, a dark generation of children in our schools. Bethany Gospel Hall, Llanrumney. A good interest amongst youngsters between the ages of twelve and eighteen has been of great cheer to the assembly, and the baptism of one young woman an indication of the working of God in their hearts. Bethesda, Rhiwbina. An introduction to Christianity course entitled ‘Christianity Explained’ offered to the general public by the assembly has resulted in three people being baptized and received into fellowship. Stalls seeking to present the gospel and open up conversations are were prepared for two local village festivals in July. Some of the saints are taking up the challenge of visiting the area with literature and the results have been most encouraging. Ebenezer Gospel Hall. The assembly recently celebrated its one hundred year history with a week long activity filled with testimony to the faithfulness of God and the fruitfulness of His word in the lives of so many. An exhibition set up in four sections displayed the changing aspects of the work over the years. Other displays set out the here and now and future of the work. Over 1,500 visited the exhibition during the week and classes of children also came from local schools. The events were amply covered by the local press. There was a weekend of fellowship as many returned to be part of the celebration, including some from the USA and Canada. Most of the workers commended from Ebenezer were able to come and take part in what proved to be a most memorable occasion and one that gave many opportunities for witness. Clive Gospel Hall, Caerphilly. The assembly looks back with deep gratitude to the Lord for the good interest and high standard of powerful ministry received as a result of the Saturday ministry meetings over the past months. The Easter Conference also provided much to challenge and uplift as Bill Gardiner and Malcolm Horlock ministered the word. Two weeks were devoted to prayer by the assembly in June, as the result of a deep exercise for God to revitalize His work in their midst. The flats surrounding the hall, and the Residential Home just opposite were particular objects of their intercession. Since then the Lord has touched the hearts of two women, who both live in these flats, one in her nineties, to request fellowship in the assembly. The saints are now distributing the ‘Via Magazine’ throughout the town in an attempt to stir up further interest in the gospel.


CUMBRIA GOSPEL OUTREACH The season of witness around the villages, towns and markets of the area has continued throughout the summer, many hundreds having taken literature or having had conversations as a result of the witness of the stand. Not only have some responded by requesting further help but local assemblies and individual believers have been helped and encouraged in their witness for the Lord.

YORKSHIREHarrogate. The assembly meeting at Woodfield Hall have used the Ayrshire Bible Exhibition to great effect once again and are convinced as to it’s effective-ness to raise aware-ness to the gospel and to open doors into the schools. For two days permission was granted by the governors of a local school to use their premises for the exhibition. After this the stands were moved to the hall. Over the three weeks, about fourteen hundred children were conducted through the displays, Jimmy Brown of Crosshouse being the main guide. Added to this were the many teachers and helpers who also heard the talks. Every child received a literature pack with a copy of John’s Gospel. One headteacher has ordered literature for the school as a result. Some have replied to the Postal Bible School request slip for an introductory pack, and all the schools have been revisited for morning assemblies.

BUCKINGHAMSHIREMilton Keynes. Our brother Sid Mountstevens continues to be busy in work amongst the children both in his own area and in other places. Ten days of children’s meetings at Hanslope were supported by the Northampton assemblies and local believers and proved a great encouragement. Despite small numbers the assembly hopes to continue the work with the children in the autumn.

LONDON A recent session of a week’s open air meetings, in which Keith Bullock was one of several evangelists, saw the Lord give opportunities to the preachers for conversations of a deep nature with more than a hundred individuals. A number of foreign nationals were drawn to the witness and were very open to talk. One Australian girl was restored as a result of the contact and rededicated her life to the Lord. Such well known areas as Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street and Covent Garden were all visited.

SOMERSETFrome. A number of people came together to distribute the ‘Christian Literature Distribution’ free post outreach card to all the houses in the town. After the distribution which offers follow up material to any interested in further contact, there was an open air testimony in the town centre. Six serious replies have been received to follow up.

HAMPSHIREWinchester. The coffee morning work from the Welcome Gospel Hall has been in place now for seven years Every Saturday the doors are open and hundreds have been contacted in this way. Now some are coming in on the Lord’s Day to hear the gospel. Three down and out men are currently coming on a Monday for Bible teaching and discussion; one has made a profession. All have lost family, friends and social standing through alcohol or drugs.

CORNWALLSaltash. After much prayer and preparation the assembly worked hard during the two weeks of gospel work led by Robert Plant. As many as forty-three children were regularly at the children’s meetings and a good number of locals were present over the period. Schools were visited and a tea for senior citizens was well supported. A faithful and fervent presentation of the message was made.


Since missionary work began in Angola back in 1884, the land has been blessed through a large number of the Lord’s servants, with up to sixty serving at one time. Their pioneering works are remembered to this day. In a remarkable way the Lord has honoured these labours and they reached a variety of tribal groups supporting the work with literature by means of a local printing press. This provision disappeared in the early ‘sixties.

At present there are ten assembly missionaries working in Angola, mainly amongst the Chokwe tribe and those who speak Portuguese. They have a desire to reach the many other tribal language groups It is to this end that this Literature Fund has been set up.

The objectives are:-

  1. To further the gospel to these other tribal groups.
  2. To provide sound and suitably edifying literature.
  3. To make the Scriptures available in the numerous Angolan tribal languages.

The missionaries in Angola have asked for four UK brethren to act as Trustees to the Fund. These are:- A. Griffiths, Eastbourne; M. Horlock, Cardiff; V. Michael, Maidenhead; and R. Wood, Plymouth. Further information concerning the Fund can be obtained from any of the above brethren.


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