Gospel Work and other Assembly Activities

We would remind readers that the brethren whose names are mentioned in the following reports are in no way responsible to the Committee of the magazine. Moreover the inclusion of any report does not necessarily mean that the Committee approve of the methods used.

Northern Ireland. Ballycastle is a seaside town in North Antrim where Roman Catholics are in the majority and where Gospel work has never been easy. The assembly is small but has been encouraged recently as the result of five weeks of special Gospel meetings taken by S. Thompson and R. Jordan. Several professed faith in the Saviour including an elderly man and the wife of a man who was saved last year.

At Ballywatermoy in Mid-Antrim the assembly maintain an active Gospel testimony. Although the hall is in a rural area numbers are usually good. During meetings conducted by E. Wishart in February and March the believers were encouraged by good attendances and a sense of the Lord’s presence. A number made professions of salvation.

J. Flannigan addressed well attended gatherings in the Larne Gospel Hall for three weeks, his subject being the Book of the Revelation. Some stated that they had been saved as a result.

The Bloomfield assembly in the city of Belfast desire to keep active in the Gospel. Recently J. G. Hutchinson and S. Thompson held special meetings and saw good numbers of local unsaved folk attending. A Nigerian, an officer on a Nigerian cargo ship, was brought along to the hall and confessed his faith in the Lord Jesus as Saviour. A young woman made a similar confession.

In another part of this city, in the Windsor Gospel Hall, A. McShane and N. Turkington held Gospel meetings for several weeks. Although the district is needy they found the work difficult, the assembly having gone down in numbers in recent years.

J. Martin and G. Marshall were responsible for a Gospel effort in the Gospel Hall at Clonroot, a country district near Portadown. Good numbers attended and the meetings continued nightly for fourteen weeks. God blessed the preaching of the Word and a number made a profession of having been saved.

N. Stewart, on furlough from Zambia, and his brother R. Stewarts preached for six weeks in Magherafelt, their home town. A number of young brethren took a special interest in the meetings and helped in the visitation and with bringing folk along. Quite a number of local young people attended, including some Roman Catholics. All concerned were cheered by a number professing to trust in Christ. Nevertheless there was disappointment that some of the children of the Lord’s people in whom die believers were especially interested, did not avail themselves of the opportunity of salvation.

South Wales. Although February is a cold month the believers at Plassey Street Gospel Hall, Penarth, arranged a period of Gospel effort with the aim of rebuilding the number in fellowship.

J. Baker spent one week in visiting from door to door, and a further week with meetings for children and adults. The district is an older one but includes several blocks of modern flats. The coverage of these with Gospel literature and invitations entailed the climbing of many steps. It was encouraging therefore that there were only two refusals in spite of the activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the area.

The meetings were well attended with unconverted folk present each evening. On two evenings a crowd of toughs came, but they gave a listening ear when the seriousness of the message was made plain.

The last meeting was packed as three sisters and one brother obeyed the command of their Lord in being baptized. A young man from the local Congregational church, who had attended the meeting the previous evening, was so convinced by the Scriptures concerning baptism that he decided that he must take this stand, and he asked the brethren accordingly.

It is encouraging to note that a Postal Sunday School has been set up to cover the counties of Gwent and South Glamorgan. The address used is 22 Brynteg, Rhiwbina, Cardiff.

J. Hunter expounded the book of Judges at Armine Road Hall, Fforestfachj and this was much appreciated by the many believers who attended.

Mid-Scotland. During March J. Hay and J. Campbell commenced a series of Gospel meetings in the small town of Bannockburn. A portable hall is being used and they expect to continue for two months. An encouraging aspect of this work was the number of believers from denominations who attended regularly. Three young men are now exercised about taking further steps of obedience to their Lord.

North of Scotland. J. Smyth preached for three weeks during February in York Street Hall, Peterhead. Invitations were distributed to every house in the town and surrounding district, and the meetings were very well attended. Many unsaved were under the sound of the Gospel, some for the first time.

Quite a number professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and many others appeared to be under deep conviction. The saints were greatly encouraged as a result.

The Speyside district was much blessed by revival in the latter part of last century, but the only assembly testimony that has survived is that at Dufftown, J. Gordon and A. Stewart erected a portable hall in Aberlour in February, and have been greatly encouraged by the response of the children.

The believers in Hopeman hold a weekly children’s meeting where attendances have been good, and maintain a similar effort in the nearby community of Burghead. At Nairn a Scout’s hut is used for a weekly children’s work.

Southern Scotland. R. McPheat enjoyed good meetings with some blessing at Harley Street Gospel Hall, Glasgow. Quite a number of unsaved folk attended each evening and some professions of faith were made.

J. Spiers conducted a Gospel effort in Olive Hall, Hamilton. Much door to door visitation was carried out, but although some unsaved attended the response on the whole was disappointing.

During the winter one Lanarkshire assembly arranged a Gospel meeting on a weeknight once a month. This met with real success with the presence of many unsaved souls.

The believers at Dumfries have been encouraged by one young lad asking for baptism. Another lad, although not in fellowship, asked to be put in touch with the assembly in his home town when going home for the week-end.

South West England. Ministry meetings held at West Hill, Plymouth, during the winter months have been to great profit. The small company of believers has been encouraged by the response.

A brother in the assembly at Ashburton has been responsible for a work among the children near Buckfastleigh with an average of over fifty. He has come up against difficulties in the way of fire precautions, and numbers have had to be restricted as a result. It is most difficult to obtain suitable accommodation.

The believers at West Hill arranged a special tea in March for nearly thirty elderly citizens. Two of these were over ninety years of age, and all listened to the clear word of the Gospel. The assembly at Saltash, just inside Cornwall, arrange a similar meeting once a month. One who attended recently stated that it was the first time for three years that they had been out of doors.

The small assembly in Bodmin, having been given notice to quit from the Ambulance Hall, have now found accommodation in the Girl Guides Hut for their activities on the Lord’s Day.

The believers in St. Austell have been encouraged by the consecutive ministry given over the winter months. Great interest has been shown, particularly by young people.

J. Hadley has been working in Penzance, going from door to door seeking to enter into conversation with the occupants. The assembly in this town is exercised concerning their meeting place. They would like to find accommodation on one of the housing estates.


by W. P. McKinstray, Ayr

Being supernal,

Glorious, eternal;

Upholding all things, Creator art Thou!

Angels adore Thee;

Worship before Thee;

Veiling their faces, in reverence bow.

Leaving the glory,

Wonderful story!

Taking of manhood, assumed lowly guise.

Laid in a manger;

Only a stranger;

Object of hatred whom men did despise.

Perfect devotion,

Measureless ocean!

All on the altar for God He did lay:

His law adorning

Evening and morning;

Ever delighting to walk in His way.

Love beyond telling;

Purpose compelling;

Forth to Golgotha He meekly was led:

Never complaining;

Heaven constraining;

He must accomplish what Scripture had said.

Infinite pleasure!

Joy beyond measure!

Holy requirements for e'er satisfied:

Full expiation;

Wondrous salvation!

He that believeth is now justified.


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