Gospel Work and other Assembly Activities

Tract work. The regular distribution of Gospel literature is an essential part of an assembly’s activities. Not only is the Word of God made known but in addition residents are reminded of the company of the Lord’s people who meet in their area.

A tract left at an old people’s home at Chickerell, near Weymouth, was the means of a lady receiving salvation.

Some time ago in the north of Scotland a girl stood at the bus stop waiting for the last bus home, unaware that it had already gone. She was given a lift by a believer who gave her the tract “If you miss Christ you miss everything”. Later news was received of her conversion.

One assembly has found the local printer able to produce tracts of their own design and wording more cheaply than purchasing from the usual sources. With print runs often thousand copies the believers are glad to be able to make the Gospel known in the simple way they desire.

In other instances believers utilize their own printing resources, but the important point is that those living in the locality are kept reminded of the claims of God and the provision He has made.

Is there regular tracting in your area?

Cambridge. For some time now the central area of Cambridge has been undergoing extensive re-development. However the assembly meeting at Panton Hall is thankful that the re-development of the area surrounding the hall is of a residential nature. For some time brethren have been visiting two large blocks of old people’s flats with literature, and one couple has been added to the fellowship from other visitations. As new houses are built and occupied they are added to the visiting schedule. There is much prayer that children and parents alike may come to the meetings. Prayer is especially made for families with young children as the number of children in the area is very small, and also for an increase in the number of young people in the assembly who would help to continue the work in years to come should the Lord remain absent. The Women’s Meetings have been very well attended and are much appreciated by the ladies living in the area, some of whom have also come to the Gospel Meetings. The assembly still welcomes visitors to central Cambridge, and they have been encouraged by the fellowship of several in the past year who have been a help both in worship and witness.

Northern Ireland. At Carncullagh, a fanning area near Dervock in North Antrim, T. McKelvey and J. G, Hutchinson had Gospel meetings in a hall used for Sunday School and Gospel work. Good numbers attended and several professed to have been saved, including one man of eighty years of age.

The believers meeting in Wallace Avenue Gospel Hall, Lisburn, have a fine Gospel meeting in their own hall and also carry on a work in another area. Towards the end of last year J. Brown and J. Lennox had a spell of Gospel meetings there which were well attended. Some stated that they had been saved during these meetings.

At Clonroot, a few miles from Portadown in Co. Armagh, J. Martin and G. Marshall saw interest in the Gospel as they continued for some weeks. All were encouraged to know of a number who professed to have put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mullafernaghan is a farming district some miles from Dromore, Co. Down. Over the years the assembly has maintained an active Gospel testimony. Recently S. Jennings visited the assembly there and for two weeks ministered the Word of God, using a chart as an aid. There was a good interest, and he then continued with Gospel meetings but there was little to encourage in the way of known results.

J. Thompson and S. Ferguson preached in a portable hall at Lisbane, near Comber in Co. Down. The evangelists visited in the area with Gospel tracts and were encouraged by good attendances and some blessing.

S. McBride held meetings at Mullaghglass, near Newry in the border area. The meetings were well attended by the local folk and the Gospel was faithfully preached.

T. McKelvey and J. G. Hutchinson ministered the Word for one week at Ballylintagh near Coleraine, Co. Derry. At the end some believers obeyed their Lord by their baptism, and the assembly has been encouraged.

A. McShane dealt with the subject of “Behaviour in the house of God” during a week of ministry meetings at Ballywatermoy. The hall was filled nightly and practical, helpful ministry was given.

There is a great need for such ministry, and elders in each assembly are responsible to see that this subject is faithfully dealt with. We have been given no choice as to the right paths, and any divergence therefrom robs our Lord of the glory that is His due.

Dorset. In the closing months of last year S. Gillham assisted small assemblies in this area to reach young and old with the Gospel. In Three Cross some seventy children came, a good proportion of those in the village. On the parents’ evening over one hundred were present including the largest number of parents ever seen at such a gathering. At Shillingstone the work was slow, but the regular week-night children’s meeting has now recommenced with an encouraging response. Children’s meetings at West Moors were attended by over one hundred youngsters.

Somerset. The few believers who form the assembly in Crewkerne have plodded on in prayer and labour for several years. Some of them do not live in the town which does not help matters. Yet the promise is that “we shall reap if we faint not, and the Lord saw fit to save some during last year, including a husband together with his wife and her brother.

Southern Scotland. A Gospel campaign was held in Hebron Hall, Port Glasgow at the close of last year, P. Brandon being the evangelist. The meetings were encouraging and a number were saved while others were confirmed in the knowledge of sins forgiven. Those blessed varied in age from the mid-twenties to senior citizens.

The believers at Dumfries have been encouraged by the conversion of some and the steady continuance of others who have recently professed faith in the Saviour.

Open Air Work. Two believers who normally help with a mobile unit loaded their car with tracts one evening and went to Catford. One young man of eighteen was contacted and accepted the Lord as Saviour during the evening.

One wet evening a mobile unit went to Dartford. A few days later a letter was received stating that the writer had come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour.

The tragedy is that on some occasions there have been too few workers to man the unit. Do we really care for the perishing around us?

Posters. Poster sites can be used either to set forth the Gospel in the words of Scripture or to advertise the local assembly’s existence.

The Lord’s people should be aware that a 30 in. x 20 in. space can cost as little as 14P per week, one-third of the cost of the week’s newspapers. Many sites are available and when rented the Scripture Gift Mission will provide the posters. Prominent and large sites may be obtained for only £1 per week. Alternatively one may arrange a permanent wording combining a text with an invitation to the hall. A local signwriter can be engaged to execute this on weatherproof boards.

In London sites appear to be controlled by the London and Provincial Poster Group Ltd. In the rest of England sites are available through Mills & Allen Ltd., 160 Swan Lane, Coventry, CV2 4HD, marked for the attention of P. A. Cooper. This firm will supply the weatherproof boards mentioned above and will also arrange for their erection.

The S.G.M. receive frequent requests for copies of John’s gospel through this means. In the case of at least one assembly the permanent type sign has been the means of definite work being done in the souls of several unsaved.

Lancashire. How much we need to learn to continue, to go on and not give up. F. Whitmore continued in much weakness in Nelson over four Lord’s Days. On the last one a woman in her sixties, who had spent all her life attending a place of worship but had been worrying about her soul’s salvation came into the joy of conversion.